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Yokohama Bay Stars announce they agreed to terms with Alex Ramirez

by on Dec.08, 2011 @ 12:51 pm, under NPB

The Yokohama Bay Stars have announced that they agreed to terms with Alex Ramirez (the team is expected to hold a press conference some time today).  Sanspo is reporting that he may have signed a two-year deal worth a total 500M yen and will be counted on to bat clean-up.  Sponichi does not mention a concrete total and simply says that they offered him a multi-year deal plus the number 3.

UDPATE @ 8:50pm - As mentioned by fighting ham below, Ramirez signed a two-year deal worth 350M yen a year.

UPDATE 12/9 @ 8:56am - Even though Ramirez is not a player/coach, GM Shigeru Takada would like to see him take charge and help the younger players out.

UPDATE 12/9 @ 9:24am - Sports Hochi mentions that it is a two-year deal worth a total 800M yen (350M yen per year plus incentives).

10 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars announce they agreed to terms with Alex Ramirez

    1. Steve

      Good signing. I wish we had made a go at him. Rami still has some left in the tank, I think. Second in the league in HRs, 5th in RBI, 9th in BA this year, and it was a down year.

  1. Carter

    At least it’s some kind of hope and joy for the fans. Better that than signing nobody. He can hit a bit.

  2. Kyle

    I definitely like this deal for Yokohama. They desperately need this kind of boost, even if it doesn’t result in contention.

  3. Alex

    Although he’s declined, Rami’s a better move than re-upping Sledge. Plus, he’s a positive presence and will sell merchandise.

    Remember, a year ago, Yokohama’s “marquee” FA signing was that clown Morimoto, he of the .187 BA.

  4. Blacklabel

    Good signing they have to at least try to replace the 49 HR they lost from losing Sledge, Harper and Murata. Hell of a nice guy too, so it cant hurt to give him a shot. Not like anyone else is willing to jump into the middle of this mess, so he gets points for trying. But I think the expectations and the workload to carry the whole team might be too much in the end.

  5. Alex

    Well, no one realistically expects Yokohama to contend next year; a playoff berth would be a huge success and that’s probably out of reach. I think a 4th place finish would be received well.

    1. Gen Post author

      DeNA’s five-year goals (mentioned during their press conference):

      1st year – anywhere but last place
      3rd year – make the Climax Series
      5th year – win a Championship

      So if they finish in 5th next year, that would be considered a successful season.

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