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Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 8, 2011

by on Dec.08, 2011 @ 4:08 pm, under NPB

Updates on the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, from 12/8/2011:

  • Nikkan Sports: Kiyoshi Nakahata has unofficially been selected as the next manager of the team, an official announcement will likely be made soon.  Yutaka Takagi is the front-runner for the head coach job.  Hiroki Nomura could be named the pitching coach.
  • Daily Sports: Takagi and Itaru Ninomiya will be asked to join the staff.  Daisuke Yamashita will be hired as head coach and Ni-gun manager Kazuyuki Shirai will be promoted to Ichi-gun.
  • Sponichi: Takagi will be offered head coach job.  Ni-gun manager Shirai could be promoted to Ichi-gun.  Nomura could join as a pitching coach and Ninomiya as an OF/base-running coach.
  • Yokohama Stadium chairman Yukio Fujiki apparently does not want to give DeNA permission to the use the stadium next year because of their managerial issues and because they have not really done anything to improve the team.

UPDATE @ 10:03pm - Nakahata confirmed to reporters outside his home that he accepted the managerial job with the Yokohama Bay Stars.  A press conference announcing his appointment will be made tomorrow.

11 comments on “Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars News and Notes: December 8, 2011

  1. Blacklabel

    I wonder if this Fujiki guy really hates the Baystars THAT bad? Or if he is just using this as a negotiation tactic ahead of meetings to try to come to a more reasonable agreement for use of the stadium? Just in the last few days he has been talking a lot of smack, he even said the Baystars dont deserve to have a home stadium at all because they suck so bad.

    But he *is* right, they have done nothing to improve the team.

    1. fighting ham

      Definitely a negotiation tactic. Do you remember the company that wanted to acquire the BayStars wanted to move away from Yokohama? That’s because the Yokohama Stadium seized the team by the throat.

  2. Steve

    What is Fujiki’s point? Does he want them to move? I don’t understand this at all.

    Maybe they could improve the team if the stadium he chairs would help them generate more revenue.

    1. Steve

      “But what about revenue generated by the stadium?

      Even if the team leaves Yokohama, the stadium will be fine, it is owned by the City. We can just return it to the people.”

      That is amazingly stupid. Does he wonder why attendance doesn’t increase when the stadium is run by a twit? I feel sorry for the taxpayers that have to put up with that.

  3. Blacklabel

    Yeah maybe we will be seeing the “Niigata DeNA Mobages” someday after all. It doesn’t sound like the Yokohama Stadium is making much effort to help out the current situation. It explains a lot about the team not doing a lot of things. They wouldn’t get any of the money, it would all go to the Stadium group anyway so they dont bother.

    I like going to Yokohama Stadium pretty much because (a) it is outside (b) its pretty empty, lots of space to stretch out and (c) they took down the damn fences that most other outside stadiums have that block the view. Nothing worse to me than watching a game through a hole in a chain link fence.

  4. ht_fan

    Has anybody noticed that on the Baystars’ homepage there’s a picture with a stadium that ain’t the current one? >__<

    1. Gen Post author

      Are you talking about Yokohama Dome Field? I think that’s an artists rendition of what the perfect stadium might be like. There have also talks about creating a new stadium in Yokohama, but cost has been a major issue. There is a “Committee to achieve Yokohama Dome” – http://www.yokohama-dome.com/

    2. EJH

      Even though it would make the construction company pals of the politicians very happy, these “Yokohama Dome” supporters ought to consider that government money might be better spent things other than playgrounds for rich men with balls and bats. For example, there are thousands of people in Tohoku without homes since March and there is a mess that needs to be cleaned up in Fukushima.

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