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JPBPA Convention: players still uncertain about WBC

by on Dec.09, 2011 @ 3:15 am, under NPB

The JPBPA convened for their annual player convention in Osaka on Thursday.  The issues that were discussed:

  • Takahiro Arai (HAN) will remain chairman of the labor union (fourth term).  Hirokazu Ibata (CHU) will remain as board chairman of the association (second term).
  • Beginning next year, first and second year junior high school students will be required to play a baseball-like sport as part of the school curriculum.  The JPBPA decided they will assist teachers in creating materials for the courses/sport.
  • Catch-ball Classic is a game where a group of nine players play catch to see how many times they can throw a baseball back-and-forth within a two-minute window.  The nine players line up in a two rows of four and five and face each other; each time one player catches the ball and throws it, they move to the back of the line; this is done repeatedly until the two minutes are up. [ Youtube: 1, 2 ]  The JPBPA played Catch-ball Classic during Baseball Christmas in Iwaki this year and would now like to expand it into a tournament.
  • The JPBPA also discussed whether or not they should participate in the 2013 WBC and could not come to a final resolution.  Said Arai, "We received a plan [from the NPB] that sounded positive, but it does not resolve any of our concerns."  Toru Matsubara, JPBPA head of the secretariat, added, "They are looking at constant [revenue], but some are worried if that is really true.  They would have to show us things like contracts [to prove it]."






UPDATE @ 9:31am - Sports Hochi hints that the players may be stuck on why they were allowed to have full advertising/merchandising rights during the Olympics and not during the WBC.

UPDATE @ 2:26pm - Munenori Kawasaki (SOF) stepped down from his post as vice chairman of the labor union.