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Mizuno’s 2012 brand ambassadors, 2012 youth baseball products

by on Dec.09, 2011 @ 9:02 pm, under NPB

Mizuno held their Brand Ambassador Meetings at a hotel in Osaka earlier today (where their clients have a chance to confirm/change the products they will be using next year).

A list of 2012 Brand Ambassadors (originally named Mizuno Advisory Pro Staff) can be found at the official Mizuno website.

Brand Ambassadors provide Mizuno with four things:

  1. They will use Mizuno products
  2. They will provide advice in new Mizuno products
  3. Their images can be used in advertising Mizuno products domestically
  4. Mizuno will be able to sell individual player "pro model" products domestically

Mizuno also revealed a 2012 youth baseball product line that six pro yakyu players helped design.

  • Bats (three types, two variations each): Takeshi Yamasaki (CHU), Takahiro Arai (HAN), Seiichi Uchikawa (SOF)
  • Glove: Akihiro Higashide (HIR)
  • Cleats: Tetsuya Matsumoto (YOM)
  • Training wear: Yoshinori Sato (YAK)