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PL News and Notes: December 10, 2011

by on Dec.11, 2011 @ 2:52 am, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

The Hawks hosted Softbank Hawks Baseball Kids 2011 in Kyushu on Saturday.


Hiroki Yamada does not think the Hawks are giving him enough credit for the season he had, particularly f0r his four starts against Yu Darvish.


Seiichi Uchikawa will be using a Pete Rose model type bat next season.


Softbank free agents Toshiya Sugiuchi, Tsuyoshi Wada, and Munenori Kawasaki will not be going on the team's championship trip to Hawaii.

Seibu Lions

The position players presented Hiroyuki Nakajima with a uniform containing all their signatures.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Shota Ishimine will be meeting with fans at La Scene Blanche in Chiba on 12/19.  He also met with 300 fans at Your Elm in Yachiyo, Chiba on Saturday.

Nippon Ham Fighters

About 150 fans attended a Yoshio Itoi autograph session in Sapporo on Saturday.  During a Q&A session, one fan asked if Itoi he had plans to go to the Majors.  Itoi jokingly replied, in reference to teammate Yu Darvish, "I will make an announcement on my blog tomorrow."


Yuki Saito might have a chance to workout with 46-year-old Masahiro Yamamoto (CHU) this winter.


Sho Nakata told reporters he does not plan on making any changes to his baseball equipment during the winter.  Instead, he will focus on improving himself.


Shun Takaichi was hired to be a BP pitcher.

Orix Buffaloes

Mamoru Kishida is looking to acquire a new shuto-type pitch during the winter.  He also wants to lower his fat content to about 10% (he is currently around 14-15%).


Takahiro Okada will be using a heavier bat next year (in an attempt to offset the effects of the new baseball).


Hikaru Ito announced on Satuday that for every game he plays in 2012, he will donate 10,000 yen to the Japan Spinal Cord Foundation.  If the team wins on the day he plays, he will add an additional 10,000 yen to his donation.

Rakuten Eagles

As of now, the Eagles have two definites for their 2012 starting rotation: Masahiro Tanaka and Takahiro Shiomi.

Senichi Hoshino would like Keiji Uezono, Ryo Kawashima, Kohei Hasebe, Ryohei Isaka, and Kenji Tomura to compete for spots in the starting rotation.


Tanaka will be using a new glove next year that has a personalized webbing.  Said Tanaka, "The glove is an important tool for the pitcher.  I want to personalize mine.  You can show your personality in the webbing and I hate being the same as everyone else.  I want to work with [Mizuno] to create something of my own."

Tanaka also said he was looking forward to facing Takeshi Yamasaki during Inter-league play next year.