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Player signings: December 14, 2011

by on Dec.14, 2011 @ 8:14 pm, under NPB

Player Team 2012 Change Source
Okada, Takahiro ORI 78.0M yen +20.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Obiki, Keiji ORI 58.0M yen +15.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Sato, Yoshinori YAK 60.0M yen +8.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Matsui, Kosuke YAK 22.0M yen +2.0M yen  
Akagawa, Katsuki YAK 21.0M yen +13.8M yen Nikkan Sports
Kawamoto, Ryohei YAK 23.0M yen +2.0M yen  
Ogasawara, Michihiro YOM 430.0M yen -- Nikkan Sports
Kato, Ken YOM hold    
Aoki, Takahiro HIR 31.0M yen +15.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Maeda, Tomonori HIR 56.0M yen -14.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kura, Yoshikazu HIR 31.0M yen --  
Ejiri, Shintaro YOK 50.0M yen +12.0M yen  
Ushida, Shigeki YOK 32.0M yen +6.0M yen  
Miura, Daisuke YOK hold   Nikkan Sports
Aranami, Sho YOK 13.0M yen +1.0M yen  
Kurobane, Toshiki YOK 11.0M yen +4.2M yen  
Hoshino, Tomoki SEI 40.0M yen -10.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kataoka, Yasuyuki SEI 130.0M yen -40.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Abe, Masahiro SEI 33.0M yen -4.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Fukuhara, Shinobu HAN 50.0M yen +14.0M yen  
Iwata, Minoru HAN hold   Nikkan Sports
Fujii, Akihito HAN 40.0M yen -- Nikkan Sports

2 comments on “Player signings: December 14, 2011

  1. Mike DeJong

    Kataoka was injured most of the year. Yet he still gets a 40-million yen pay cut. If I was a player in Japan, I would no longer try to extend myself. I would play it safe because if I got hurt, I’d lose money. What a horrible system they have in NPB.

  2. Carter

    That’s the downside of the system. But it’s worth it because if you do a great season, you’ll get a significant payrise.

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