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12/15/2011: Takashi Saito, Tsuyoshi Wada

by on Dec.15, 2011 @ 10:16 am, under MLB

Takashi Saito's one-year deal is estimated to be worth around US$1.75M (a number of Japanese sites are reporting this and all are quoting the US media).


Tsuyoshi Wada gets the number 18, an interpreter, and a trainer.  And while Wada's contract is worth US$8.15M over two years (with club option for a third year), he could earn potentially up to around US$6M in one year (incentives based on the number of starts).

4 comments on “12/15/2011: Takashi Saito, Tsuyoshi Wada

  1. Arthur

    Wow, I’m surprised at Saito’s deal. I know he’s a bit old, but I thought his regular season ERA and seven shutout innings in the playoffs would get him more money than that.

  2. muratafan

    I love Sammy Saito, but he’s gonna be 42 on opening day and missed almost 4 months of the regular season last year and has missed significant portions of prior seasons as well. Including the playoffs, he pitched in less than 35 innings last year. I think it’s a pretty solid deal for Saito. I can’t imagine any team giving him more than a one-year deal at his age.

  3. Arthur

    Good point, I forgot about his injuries (I thought he pitched all the way through the season for some reason). It’s still more than I’ll ever earn…

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