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84th Spring Koshien: 21st Century Bracket Candidates

by on Dec.15, 2011 @ 11:57 pm, under High School, Spring Koshien

The nine candidate schools for the 21st Century Bracket were released on Thursday. Three schools will be selected from this list during a selection committee meeting on 1/27/2012. School descriptions taken from Nikkan Sports.


21st Century Bracket Candidates

Region Prefectures High School JPN High School ENG Description
Hokkaido Hokkaido 女満別 Memanbetsu Small school of about 130. Despite only 19 players on the roster, they have managed to develop using effective practice technicques.
Tohoku Miyagi 石巻工 Ishinomaki Kogyo About 70% of the players were effected by the March 11 earthquake/tsunami. They overcame adversity in making the fall Tohoku Tournament.
Kanto/Tokyo Gunma 高崎 Takasaki More than half the students at the school are involved in athletics and have good academic records. They made the Spring Koshien in 1981.
Toaki Gifu 大垣西 Ogaki Nishi Well-behaved and with good manners, the students and school have formed a bond with the community. They made it into the final four during the fall tournament.
Hokushinetsu Ishikawa 金沢西 Kanazawa Nishi A public high school that won the fall prefectural tournament this year. They managed to get in enough practices despite a limited amount of time.
Kinki Hyogo 洲本 Sumoto Opened in 1897. "Devoted, hard working, responsible, and friendly." Strong belief in students that excel in both academics and sports. All players are from Awajishima.
Chugoku Hiroshima 広島観音 Hiroshima Kanon Only have complete access to fields on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Managed to overcome a lack of playing experience with various practicing techniques.
Shikoku Ehime 小松 Komatsu Male students make up just 1/3 of the school students. They won the fall prefectural tournament.
Kyushu Miyazaki 宮崎西 Miyazaki Nishi Made it to the finals in the fall prefectural tournament and to the quarterfinals at the fall Kyushu tournament. They also do a lot of volunteer work.