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Toshiya Sugiuchi News and Notes: December 15, 2011

by on Dec.15, 2011 @ 11:40 am, under NPB

Updates on Toshiya Sugiuchi from 12/15/2011:

  • Sponichi is reporting that the Hawks offered Sugiuchi a non-incentive-based four-year deal worth an estimated 2B yen.
  • Nikkan Sports is figures the deal is closer to being worth 2.2B yen.
  • Most reports (including the two above) mention that the Hawks are thinking of ways to improve their salary assessment system.  The Nikkan Sports report even includes the following quote by acting owner Kazuhiko Kasai, "I appreciate the advice Tatsuma Sakai (agent/lawyer) and [Toshiya] Sugiuchi gave us.  There are no companies or teams that have a perfect system.  We will take all kinds of opinions into consideration as we work towards putting together a better system."
  • Spots Hochi thinks Sugiuchi could reach a final decision as early as the end of this week.
  • Sanspo mentions that negotiations started at 10am and lasted about 70 minutes.  They also seem to think that Sugiuchi will pick the Giants.

Sanspo has also posted the following comments from Sugiuchi's lawyer:

Did [the Hawks] make changes to their offer?

They offered us a non-incentive-based four-year deal.  Since [Toshiya] Sugiuchi is not here today, I will take this offer back to him.  We have stood strong about not accepting any deals that contained incentives.  Now that they gave us a non-incentive-based offer, we have to consider it.

Acting owner [Kazuhiko] Kasai was also at the negotiations...

I could feel their sincerity.  There are no problems with their offer.  The only thing now is where Sugiuchi feels he can play without any concerns.  One other thing: this would make no sense if it were something the team was only doing for Sugiuchi.  We would like to see the team hand out non-incentive-based contracts to other players that have exercises their FA options.

What point did you argue the most?

We told them that they should not lower salaries for players that have continually put up good numbers.  They said they would be more careful about that.

Is there a reason why Sugiuchi wanted that?

It is not just about creating a good situation for himself, but about creating a situation that can benefit all players.  Sugiuchi is the only person on this team that can do something like that.

Is there a chance Sugiuchi will remain with the team after today's negotiations?

Since he exercised the option, I thought he would come to a decision a lot sooner, but...  He has really struggled and will probably struggle some more before coming upon a final decision.

3 comments on “Toshiya Sugiuchi News and Notes: December 15, 2011

  1. Mike DeJong

    I think Sugiuchi deserves credit in standing up for his fellow players. We don’t often see that kind of leadership in Japan. Good for him.

    1. Gen Post author

      At this point, I really don’t know. At first it seemed like he was definitely going to bolt for Yomiuri, but the last meeting with Softbank seemed to go fairly well. I’m sure we’ll know more after he meets with the Giants again (last I read, he’ll be meeting the tomorrow).

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