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12/16/2011: Takashi Saito comments; Tsuyoshi Wada blog update from 12/14

by on Dec.16, 2011 @ 12:37 am, under MLB

Nikkan Sports has posted the following comments taken during Takashi Saito's press conference on Thursday:

Why did you select [the Arizona Diamondbacks]?

I felt they could use my help and were in good position to win a championship.  I was happy and surprised that the Diamondbacks thought so well of me.  And the sooner I decide, the sooner I can focus on my training.

You almost seem migratory bird...

Honestly, a part of me feels a multi-year deal would have been nice.  There are risks, but I consider this a new challenge.  And I am happy for the chance to play.

Your goals for next season...

I would like to become a champion.  I want to make each day important and hopefully that will build its way into a championship.  The team wants me to pitch the 7th inning.

You will turn 42 next year...

I do not think about my age when I am on the mound.  There are things that crop up during practices and day-to-day life.  I am a player up there in age so I need to take care of myself off the field.  I have already started practicing.  As long as I can move, I want to keep going.


Tsuyoshi Wada posted the following message at his blog on Wednesday:

The media reported it first but,

I was able to officially sign with the Baltimore Orioles today.

I have finally managed to get to the starting line for the Majors, a dream that I have had since I played college baseball.

I am grateful to both the Hawks, for seeing me off in such a pleasant manner, and to the Baltimore Orioles, for being the first to offer me a contract and for wanting me as a starter.

I was not able to say anything up until now because my agent asked me to avoid talking about my free agency.

Since I have still not signed a contract, it may not be considered official just yet, but there were a number of things I had to do, like get medical and physical examinations, but now that I have been able to tell announce this, I feel as if a great pressure has been lifted off my chest.

However, since before I exercised my FA option and especially recently, the media has been snooping around my home in Fukuoka for information, scaring my wife and daughter...

It was because of those circumstances that I had no choice but to become even more nervous/sensitive [about my current situation].

I feel relieved that I was able to provide everyone with an update.

I have also, of course, already informed Akiyama-kantoku and Oh-kaicho over the phone.

I will sign the contract tomorrow and then appear at a press conference at Oriole Park on 12/15 @ 4pm EST (12/16 @ 6am JST).

As for my uniform number, since 21 was not available, I decided to go with 18, the number I wore during my college years.

I selected the number 18 because I thought it might be good to return to playing baseball with the same kind of approach I had when I was playing college baseball.

I will provide another update after my press conference.

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  1. Scott Kaneko

    Regarding Wada … the media has been snooping around my home in Fukuoka for information, scaring my wife and daughter

    I thought this type of disturbing behavior only occurred in the US. Ugh!

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