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Tsuyoshi Wada News and Notes: December 16, 2011

by on Dec.16, 2011 @ 1:43 pm, under MLB

Tsuyoshi Wada appeared at a press conference at Oriole Park on the Thursday.

Nikkan Sports has posted the following comments made by Wada during the press conference:

Why did you pick the Orioles?

They were the first to show interest and I felt they were being sincere.  I heard their team was in a bit of rut and I would like people to say that I was able to help the team out.

You are wearing the same number you wore when you went to Waseda.

It is the same college number that made me shoot for the pros.  I think it is also a good because it represents a new start.

What are you goals?

To [pitch well enough] to remain in the starting rotation for a full year.

What are your strengths?

I do not have much in terms of velocity, but I have been able to strike batters out.  I would like to use a combination of my fastball and change-up to get batters out.

What are your thoughts on the different pitching schedules?

I was thinking about playing in the Majors the last two to three years.  I tried to what I could in between starts to prepare myself.

The AL East is a strong division.

I think it is a really tough division, but that is one of the I look forward to.  If I can get batters out, it will help me grow.

Wada has also updated his blog with the following comments:

I tried my best with my English speech.

<Image of Wada in an Orioles uniform>

How do I look?

Looks a little dark.

It seems the team will have new uniforms next year to commemorate 20 years at their stadium.  I feel a little bad that I may have been the first to wear the new uniform...

I will do my best to make sure I am good fit for the this uniform.

If there is anyone awake at 8am, please watch Tokudane! because I will beon the phone with them at the beginning of the show.

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