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Toshiya Sugiuchi News and Notes: December 17, 2011

by on Dec.17, 2011 @ 11:14 am, under NPB

Updates on Toshiya Sugiuchi from 12/17/2011:

  • According to Sanspo, Tatsuma Sakai contacted Sugiuchi in the middle of negotiations on Friday in order to tell him that he was offered the number 18.
  • Sports Hochi has posted the following comments by Suiguchi on being offered the number 18: "I was surprised.  I am grateful. ... I heard the media mentioning it, but I did not think they were really going to offer it to me... ... When I think of the number 18, I think of [Masumi] Kuwata.  They are all great pitchers. ... For them to go this far...  It is an honor. ... I do not think they could have offered me anything more.  I will discuss this with my family and come to a decision."

Yomiuri Players that have worn the number 18, according to Sponichi:

Player JPN Player ENG Years
スタルヒン Victor Starffin 1935
前川 八郎 Ichikawa, Hachiro 1936-1938
中尾 碩志 Nakao, Hiroshi 1939-1942, 1946-1957
近藤 貞雄 Kondo, Sadao 1946
藤田 元司 Fujita, Motoshi 1958-1966
堀内 恒夫 Horiuchi, Tsuneo 1967-1984
桑田 真澄 Kuwata, Masumi 1986-2006

6 comments on “Toshiya Sugiuchi News and Notes: December 17, 2011

  1. Tim

    Sounds like he’s going to the Giants. If so, don’t really understand what he really wants after all the non-incentive thing he was talking about with the Hawks.

    1. Gen Post author

      If Sugiuchi signs with the Giants, I think it was because the Hawks were too little, too late in changing their mind regarding how they assess player salaries.

      I also have a feeling that Suiguchi had a problem with team director Itaru Kobayashi. He was one of the reasons why acting owner Kazuhiko Kasai had to step in last year and he may have been one of the reasons why things did not go well with Sugiuchi this year. Or at least that’s the feeling I get.

    1. Gen Post author

      The Giants were the only team to give him an offer.

      I don’t know the guy personally, but it seems like he really enjoyed playing in Fukuoka and would have rather stayed if he could. But I think what happened last year at the negotiating table really stuck with him.

      From what I have read, the Hawks didn’t really treat Houlton all that well either and I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons he bolted.

      In the end, I don’t see money as being the reason why he’s leaving the Hawks because both clubs ultimately offered pretty much the same amount. You could argue that he wants to go to a team that has a good chance of winning next season, but outside of that, I don’t really see any reasons for him to leave, other than the Hawks waiting too long to start taking him seriously.

      Unless I’m missing something…

  2. Tim

    I did not mean that Sugiuchi was chasing for money. Also, I could feel that Softbank’s front office has been doing pretty bad so far. They did not do their best in negotiations with the ex-Hawks who came back from MLB (Jojima and Iguchi) either. Maybe just the thoughts that Sugiuchi would be a Giant and how the Giants will be dominating CL next season (with recruiting Sugiuchi and Houlton) already make me sick. CL is just getting a little exciting last season. I may feel better if he had come to Baystars. Maybe I was too much.

    1. Gen Post author

      No doubt, the Giants have kind of ruined the CL in terms of excitement. But just because they have the pieces, doesn’t mean they’ll win.

      And you can’t blame the Giants for going out and signing Sugiuchi. The Hawks really are the ones to blame here. If they were properly taking care of their own players, I think Sugiuchi would still be in Fukuoka. Maybe even Houlton is still there as well.

      I also still think the Bay Stars should have at least tried to talk to Sugiuchi.

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