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First year Aomori Yamada baseball player dies after being hit by second year student

by on Dec.19, 2011 @ 10:09 pm, under High School

A first year Aomori Yamada High School baseball player was found unconscious in the player dorms and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at around 1am on 12/19. A second year student, who allegedly struck the first year student, is being questioned by Aomori police.

According to school officials, the first year student was caught cooking yakinuki in a vacant dorm room with three other first year students and warned by the second year student.  It was at this time that the second year student allegedly struck the first year student in the back, with his bare hand.

After being hit, the first year student appeared to have difficult breathing, fell unconscious, and was dead about two hours later.

The school manager is quoted as saying that there were no reported cases of regular bullying or violence.

UPDATE 12/20 @ 11:15am - A few more details: the first year student was making yakiniku in one of the unused rooms in the player dorm.  At past 11:00pm, the second year student was hanging some laundry when he noticed the group making yakiniku over a flame, something not permitted in the dorms.  He warned the group and struck the first year student in the back with his bare hand.  Shortly thereafter, the first year student started having difficultly breathing and lost consciousness.  The other players reported the incident to a coach that was in the dorm.

An ambulance arrived at the dorm at around 11:30pm and rushed the student to a hospital in Aomori.  The student was pronounced dead at around 1am on 12/19.  An autopsy has been conducted and the cause of death is being looked into.

UPDATE 12/20 @ 6:39pm - Even more details, via TV Asahi's Super J Channel and a Mainichi Shimbun report:

  • two dorm rules were broken: cooking is not allowed and despite there being a 10pm curfew, the first year students were having a get-together at 11pm.
  • second year student struck the first year student in the back once.
  • when the first year student started having difficulty breathing, he was taken to another room so that he could lie down.  He was conscious at the time and was able to have a conversation, but his condition grew worse.
  • a nearby judo therapist was called and he started performing CPR.

UPDATE 12/21 @ 10:30am - Aomori Yamada is planning to hold a press conference regarding the incident at 6pm today.

UPDATE 12/21 @ 9:43am - Aomori Yamada held a press conference today in order to offer an official apology to students, caregivers, and others involved.  They also announced that investigations were ongoing and that school officials were discussing what steps to take next.

UPDATE 12/23 @ 3:12pm - A wake for the first year student was held on 12/22.  About 1,000 people attended.