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Yukinobu Kuroe files defamation lawsuits against former AJBF secretary generals

by on Dec.19, 2011 @ 11:06 pm, under Other

Former All Japan Baseball Foundation (AJBF) board chairman Yukinobu Kuroe held a press conference in Tokyo today and announced that he filed defamation lawsuits against three former AJBF secretary generals and claimed 11M yen in damages from each.  The case was filed on 12/15.

Kuroe was dismissed in May this year and said, "I still feel strongly about being dismissed.  They had no grounds for it and the decision was unreasonable.  I believe my claim will be accepted by the courts."

UPDATE 10/18/2013 @ 1:10am -

Kuroe held a press conference on Tuesday (October 15) to inform the media that he won his lawsuit against.

Souce: Tokyo Sports 10/15/2013, Nikkan Sports 10/15/2013