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CL News and Notes: December 19, 2011

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Chunichi Dragons

Takeshi Yamasaki was given a special award by Miyagi prefecture on Monday that recognized his social contributions to the prefecture over the last seven years.


Masahiko Morino (33) feels 1st round draft pick draft pick Shuhei Takahashi (17) and Naomichi Donoue (23) are future starting third base candidates.

Hanshin Tigers

The Tigers held a seminar for their rookie players, like Daiki Enokida and Shinta Hifumi, at a hotel in Nishinomiya on Monday.  The seminar lasted about four hours and covered topics like: how to handle the media, training and health management, and relationships.


Minoru Iwata does not mind if salary negotiations run into the new year because he wants to be fully satisfied.


Shingo Matsuzaki (acquired via trade with Rakuten) has been working on throwing from the side since fall camp.

Yomiuri Giants

Strategy coach Hideki Hashigami is thinking about joining the advance scouts in checking out other teams during spring camp.


Tetsuya Yamaguchi is hoping to become the first player in NPB history to record five consecutive 60 appearance seasons next year.  Yamaguchi also lost about 8kg because he was hospitalized for about two weeks after a tonsillectomy in late November.

On Sunday, Yamaguchi worked out for about three and a half hours at Giants Stadium.

* The following four players, other than Yamaguchi, have managed four consecutive 60 appearance seasons: Kazuhisa Inao (1956-1959), Noboru Akiyama (1961-1964), Kyuji Fujikawa (2005-2008), and Daisuke Kato (2005-2008).

Hiroshima Carp

Shota Dobayashi is looking to bulk up this winter for a better shot at winning a spot on the active roster next year.  So far this winter he has gained 2kg.


Takeru Imamura may have been ejected from a game on 8/7 for accidentally hit Hisayoshi Chono in the head, and may have struggled a bit with pitching on the inside corners after the incident, but it seems he is now past that and ready to attack the inside corners again.


Kenta Maeda, Eishin SoyogiYuta Shirahama, Naoki Nakahigashi, Soichiro Amaya, and Imamura will be working out with Akihiro Higashide in Okinawa beginning on 1/13/2011.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Ichi-gun INF/base-running coach Kazuyuki Shirai spoke at an event in Sapporo on Sunday and told about 200 people that he felt the Bay Stars could finish in third place next year.


Daisuke Miura will be working out with Yuki Kuniyoshi and Hiroshi Kobayashi in January next year.

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