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12/29/2011: Hideki Matsui still not ready to make a return to the NPB

by on Dec.30, 2011 @ 2:57 am, under MLB

Nikkan Sports mentions Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan's article Hamilton, Ichiro could spice up 2012-13 hot stove.  A snip:

The Seattle Mariners have shown no inclination to deal their star, and they may not before he hits the open market for the first time in his career at 39. Even if they did, Ichiro's 10-and-5 rights allow him to block any deal. And it's a fair question to ask just how robust the market would be.


As odd as it is to picture him in a uniform other than Seattle's, the Mariners are nowhere near contending, not with that lineup. Should Ichiro want to chase a championship, some team would take on most of his salary in hopes a pennant race would invigorate him. Unless he squashes the idea of a trade in spring training, Ichiro's name will come up in July when...


When reporters asked if Hideki Matsui might consider a minor league deal, he replied, "I am still not at that stage."  When asked if he might consider a return to Japan, he said, "As I have said a number of times, no."

2 comments on “12/29/2011: Hideki Matsui still not ready to make a return to the NPB

  1. westbaystars

    Please stop linking to Jeff Passan’s articles. He is less than a man, writes columns before investigating them, and never lets facts get in the way of his writing. By linking to him you are suggesting that his immoral writings have value. They do not. Please do not drive traffic his way.

    1. Steve

      Westbay-san, I thought I was the only one that thought Passan is one of the worst writers around!

      His absolute worst trait is that he writes in “Full Outrage” mode all the time. Doesn’t matter the issue. Doesn’t matter if nuance is needed. Blast away.

      His Yahoo counterpart Les Carpenter is actually an even worse writer. Not sure I have ever found value in anything he wrote.

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