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Talks between New York Yankees and Hiroyuki Nakajima not going all that well

by on Jan.03, 2012 @ 11:21 am, under MLB

CBS Sports' Jon Heyman tweeted that the New York Yankees and Hiroyuki Nakajima are still far apart in negotiations but a deal could still be worked out.  However, Sponichi is reporting that NY is offering around US$1M a year (or about 77M yen, which is close to 1/4 the 280M yen he made this past season) without any permission for a support staff.  And while Nakajima approached negotiations without any set lower limits in salary, the amount was much lower than they were expecting.

New York has until 1/6 p 5pm (or 1/7 @ 7am in Japan) to work out a deal.

In other news...

Daisuke Matsuzaka left for the US with his family on 1/2.  He is scheduled to restart his rehab in Florida on 1/5 (1/6 in Japan) and could toss a bullpen session before the end of the month.

4 comments on “Talks between New York Yankees and Hiroyuki Nakajima not going all that well

  1. muratafan

    This seems like a classic pre-emptive move by the Yankees to foil Boston’s plans. They did it with Carl Crawford to drive up the price (and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams) and they knew that if Boston hired Bobby V. that the Bosox would be interested in Nakajima.

    I highly, highly doubt that we will see Nakajima in a Yankees uniform this year. ONE FOURTH of his NPB salary? Give me a break and I’m sure Nakajima is thinking the same thing.

  2. IM

    I would have to agree, he will be a free agent next year. He is better off coming back to Seibu for one more year and doing all he can to raise his value for next offseason.

  3. Steve

    Agreed. Here’s the huge problem with the posting system, the same problem we saw last year with Iwakuma. Teams can win the bid then negotiate in bad faith – there’s no risk to the MLB team but plenty of harm to the NPB team and player. It’s a stupid system that needs reform ASAP.

  4. Gen Post author

    Heading to the States after earning his international FA option definitely makes the most amount of sense for him at this point. If he doesn’t get hurt, he’ll earn that option this year and can be on his way to the Majors after the season, on his own terms.

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