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New York Yankees’ bid on Yu Darvish was US$15M

by on Jan.05, 2012 @ 11:13 am, under MLB, NPB

Via Sponichi, CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports that the New York Yankees bid US$15M on Yu Darvish.

Heyman also posted an article that mentions Darvish's visit to the Dallas-Forth Worth area as being a "positive sign."  A snip:

And Darvish's visit can only be seen as another positive sign in a negotiation that is sure to end with Darvish signing with the Rangers and taking over C.J. Wilson's role as Rangers ace. Negotiations are ongoing, and indications are that there's progress being made. They are about halfway through the 30-day negotiating window, but this may be one negotiation that doesn't go the limit.

"There's no reason to think this won't get done. There's no reason to think this has to go to the deadline, either,'' one high-ranking baseball person said.

Heyman figures Darvish will get a deal worth around $10 to 13 million over five or so years.

Sponichi also mentions that when Darvish visited Rangers Ballpark he also had a chance to meet a number of top officials, including Nolan Ryan and Ron Washington.  And according to the Star Telegram's Jeff Wilson, he also got a tour of the stadium from Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton on Monday (1/2).

2 comments on “New York Yankees’ bid on Yu Darvish was US$15M

  1. jimmy1138

    Nobody in their right mind would have thought that 15 mio $ was enough. That coming from an organization which bid almost twice as much for Kei Igawa (who had been demoted due to ineffectiveness to the minor leagues already in Japan).
    And why don’t they keep their bid secret? Do the Yankees want to show the rest of the MLB that they somehow don’t want to spend big any more?
    So, if I were Darvish I’d consider a 15 mio $ bid from the richest organization in the MLB as a big insult. Well done, Mr. Cashman…

  2. Chris

    Yea I agree with you Jimmy. I’m not one of the typical, “buy every big name” Yankee fans. But I am very disappointed by the inactivity of the Yankees the last 2 offseasons. If you’re going to bid that low for Darvish, why bother?

    And if you’re not serious about Nakaji, why bother with him? I doubt it was to keep him out of another team’s hands. No offense to Nakaji, but I really don’t see him as a superstar player in the MLB. Yankees make no sense to me right now.

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