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More behind Hiroyuki Nakajima and the New York Yankees

by on Jan.07, 2012 @ 12:13 pm, under MLB, NPB

According to Nikkan Sports, the New York Yankees announced they were giving up on Hiroyuki Nakajima about three hours after he arrived in New York (he arrived at JFK Airport at around 9:32am and the announcement was made at around 12:26pm).  The New York Times notes that the Yankees did not know about his trip.  Newsday mentions that Nakajima was looking for a three-year deal.  And Sponichi reports that Nakajima was apparently fine with both the money and his role as back-up; the problem was that Nakajima wanted to become an FA after the year while the Yanks wanted to hold onto his rights for the next six years.

Nakajima could begin salary negotiations for the 2012 season with the Seibu Lions as early as next week.

4 comments on “More behind Hiroyuki Nakajima and the New York Yankees

  1. muratafan

    Wow – the Yanks were even serious in the LEAST. This was a classic block-the-Sox move if there ever was one. The didn’t have even a sniff of interest in Nakajima and here’s to hoping that the Bosox or anyone else obtains Nakajima and he’s instrumental in elimanating the yanks from the World Series.

    Just lost a ton of respect for the Yankees. World class….(fill in the blank).

    1. Steve

      I’m just surprised you had any respect for the Yankees in the first place after the way they treated Igawa like he was a level 4 biohazard. Classy, they aren’t.

    2. fighting ham

      I don’t think it’s necessarily to block any team. Six years of team control is the key. Their plan was to use Nakajima as a back-up and as soon as he shows any sign of life, they trade Nakajima for younger players. His trade values should be there because of six years of team control.

      This is really ridiculous from Nakajima’s side. After all those years of playing professionally in both sides of the ocean, he would be finally an FA at the end of his career.

  2. IM

    I don’t think this was a move to block anyone, they only put in a $2 Million bid. The Yankees probably didn’t expect to win this, why not put in a bigger bid if you have no intention of signing the guy. Hadn’t heard of the 6 year deal until now, that sounds either untrue or the Yankees way of saying “go away.” Never heard of any player signing a 6-year deal for 1 Mil a year, any player that a team wants around for six years is worth more than.

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