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Orix Buffaloes: All ten members of the 2011 draft class move in to the player dorm

by on Jan.09, 2012 @ 6:30 pm, under NPB

All ten members of the 2011 draft class moved into the player dorm today.  Training camp for the 2011 draft class begins on Tuesday.

1st round draft pick Ryoichi Adachi moved in with a letter of encouragement from mom.


Takahiro Okada told reporters on Sunday he plans to personally visit Rikuzentakata, Iwate on 1/25 in order to donate the money he raised last season -- around 2.6M yen in all.  The breakdown: 900,000 yen based on homers at 50,000 per regular season homer (16) + 100,000 per All-Star Game homer (1); and about 1.7M yen in various items based on RBIs at 20,000 per regular season RBI (85).


Chihiro Kaneko is hoping to win a championship this year because he is interested in visiting the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.  He also added that while he does have a passport, he has never traveled outside of Japan.

Dubai has been mentioned as a possible destination if the team wins a championship.