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PL News and Notes: January 8, 2012

by on Jan.09, 2012 @ 1:35 am, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

1st round draft pick Shota Takeda moved into the player dorm on Sunday.  A number of other members of the 2011 draft class also moved in, like 4th round draft pick Naoki Shirane and Ikusei 1st round draft pick Go Kamamoto.

Training camp for the 2011 draft class begins on Monday.


Kenta Imamiya and Ikusei Takuya Kai will be joining Seiichi Uchikawa for his workouts that begin on Monday in Oita.


Uchikawa was a guest at a Coming of Age ceremony in Oita on Sunday.

For his training camp in Oita, Uchikawa has selected a facility that is about 15 minutes away from the hot spring hotel he will be using, about 45 minutes closer than the facility he used last winter.


Koji Akiyama returned to Fukuoka on Saturday from a family trip to Las Vegas.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Makoto Kaneko worked out in Yamanashi on Sunday.  Workouts included running, playing catch, and BP.

A number of other players, like teammate Takayuki Kanamori, were part of the group.


Hideki Kuriyama and team owner Hiroji Okoso visited former owner Yoshinori Okoso's grave in Sanuki, Kagawa on Saturday.


Comedian Kenji Tamura operates a chain of yakiniku restaurants in Osaka and Aichi.  He told reporters on Saturday he would be willing to let Sho Nakata eat at his restaurants for free, for life, if he hits 30 homers in 2012.

Seibu Lions

The Lions announced on Sunday that they will be meeting Hiroyuki Nakajima for salary negotiations on Tuesday (1/10).


Yusei Kikuchi attended a Coming of Age ceremony in Morioka on Sunday.


With Nakajima returning, the Lions may no longer be looking for a right-handed bat (important with regards to which player they may or may not select from the Softbank Hawks for losing Kazuyuki Hoashi).  The Lions are hoping to finalize their decision on compensation by 1/15.


Training camp for the 2011 draft class started on Sunday.

The first day of workouts lasted about four hours and included running, playing catch, and strength training exercises.  They also spent some time signing autographs.  Hisanobu Watanabe also dropped by to watch the players workout.


2nd round draft pick Hirotaka Koishi apparently enjoys baking.

"I made my specialty, rare cheesecake, for a classmate of mine on their birthday.  I got good reviews.  If someone asks, I think I will make something," said Koishi.

Orix Buffaloes

Chihiro Kaneko worked out with Takahiro Okada at Hotto Motto Field on Sunday.  Kaneko told reporters he wanted to toss around 220 innings while Okada said he wanted to focus on hitting more homers than last season.

Okada will be leaving for Los Angeles on 1/12.


Mitsutaka Goto has his eyes set on 200 hits.  If he makes it, he will be the first player in franchise history to reach the milestone since Ichiro in 1994.

Rakuten Eagles

Satoshi Nagai worked out at Kleenex Stadium on Sunday.  His workouts included running, throwing into a net, and weights.  Nagai later told reporters that the pain in his right shoulder (from last season) was almost entirely gone.


Teppei has purchased Redcord training equipment to help him strengthen his trunk muscles and improve his balance.

Teppei is currently working out with Fuminori Yokogawa (RAK), Aoi Enomoto (RAK), Naoto Watanabe (YOK) and Toshiki Kurobane (YOK).  The five are taking turns deciding on what to do during workouts -- Watanabe selected badminton on Friday, Teppei futsal on Saturday, and Yokogawa, Kurobane, and Enomoto will select things, in that order, over the next three days (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday).


Masahiro Tanaka's workouts with Yu Darvish on Saturday lasted about four hours.  Around 30 fans showed up in the hopes to catch a glimpse of the players practicing.


1st round draft pick Yoshitaka Muto worked out for about three hours in Sapporo on Saturday.

Muto plans to give a little something back to the Hokkaido community -- about 10M yen in equipment, split between his former Industrial League team JR Hokkaido and his alma mater Sapporo Moiwa High School.


Training camp for the 2011 draft class begins on Thursday.

Chiba Lotte Marines

All four members of the 2011 draft class moved into the player dorm on Sunday.

1st round draft pick Takahiro Fujioka moved into the room that Takashi Ogino used in 2010 and Shota Ishimine used in 2011.


While Yoshihisa Naruse is upset that someone hacked into his blog and posted a message saying that he was thinking about retiring, he is also happy that many fans have voiced their concerns for him.  He does not plan on shutting down his blog at this point.