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Softbank Hawks: Training for the 2011 draft class begins

by on Jan.09, 2012 @ 10:49 pm, under NPB

The Hawks held a dorm welcoming ceremony for the 2011 draft class today.

2nd round draft pick Shoji Yoshimoto moved into the dorm with a book on off-speed pitches by Yu Darvish.

Training camp for the 2011 draft class also began today.  Workouts lasted about two and a half hours and included running and playing catch.

4th round draft pick Naoki Shirane cut his practices short after he suffered cramps in both his hamstrings during running exercises.


Seiichi Uchikawa attended a Coming of Age ceremony in Oita on Sunday and told the audience that he approached his parents after his seventh year and said he would quit baseball if he did not make it the following year.  That was when Shigeru Sugimura joined the Yokohama Bay Stars as a batting coach (2008) and helped Uchikawa take the next step forward in his development.


Sadaharu Oh appeared on TBS' Sunday Morning and said that the Hawks were in the process of looking for a foreign player.


Softbank Hawks' "mascot" Kai-kun attended a Coming of Age ceremony for dogs at Ichigaya Hachiman Shrine in Tokyo on Sunday.  Model Reina Triendl also took part in the event.