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Atsushi Nomi reaches an agreement with Hanshin Tigers

by on Jan.10, 2012 @ 2:19 pm, under NPB

Daily Sports reports that the Tigers and Atsushi Nomi agreed to a deal worth 100M yen (up 49M yen) today.


Yuya Ando tossed 62 pitches in the bullpen on Monday (27 to a standing catcher and 35 to a squatting catcher).


Pitching coach Takashi Yamaguchi wants Hiroyuki Kobayashi to show he can handle starting early on (within his first two starts if possible).  He also said to reporters that the first four spots in the starting rotation were set and that he was looking for about five other starters to help round out the starting staff (injuries, extra rest).


Kyuji Fujikawa told reporters on Monday that he was disappointed that the younger players this year do not seem to care about cleanliness/manners -- he found the room next to the Naruohama bullpen in disarray (muddy cleats and gloves thrown about).

"The room was a mess.  It is really unfortunate," said Fujikawa.  "They will not make it to Ichi-gun like this.  There is already a big gap between them and Ichi-gun players.  We are in a New Year and I do not understand why they do not feel the need to clean things up.  They will not be able to do well at Ichi-gun.  When I was younger, we organized slippers and shoes.  Clothes might be disorganized, but you will not see dirty cleats or dirty gloves at Ichi-gun.  They have no sense of being watched.  It is important that they are prepared to be seen at any time.  When I see players and Ikusei players mistreating equipment, I wonder what they are thinking."

He continued, "I wonder why the team staff is not saying anything.  This is something that could easily be spotted by the staff or the pitching coach.  I am really disappointed.  Things like this need to change.  We can not develop good players because they see this kind of stuff.  This is not really about players getting better, but about players taking more responsibility about being watched.  They need to always be prepared to be seen."


Tomoaki Kanemoto attended his usual Goma meditations at Saifukuji in Kagoshima on 1/7 and 1/8.