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Nippon Ham Fighters: Atsunori Inaba plans to make sure Sho Nakata practices everyday

by on Jan.10, 2012 @ 2:48 pm, under NPB

Atsunori Inaba told reporters on Monday that he plans to continue keeping an eye on Sho Nakata.

"I plan to continue [watching over Nakata] this year.  I will leave the technical stuff up to the coaches.  My job will be to make sure he practices on a daily basis, something I think will be important for him," said Inaba.


3rd round draft pick Shingo Ishikawa moved into the player dorm with a box of vegetable juice today.

4th round draft pick Kensuke Kondo moved into the player dorm on Monday about two hours earlier than scheduled because he wanted to beat the rush.  After moving in, Kondo played catch with 2nd round draft pick Go Matsumoto and took some BP.

5th round draft pick Toshiharu Moriuchi will be required to stay in the player dorm until the end of training camp.  After that, he will be allowed to move in with his wife.  FYI: Moriuchi proposed the day he was drafted.

6th round draft pick Takumi Oshima moved into the player dorm with six boxes (his father drove him in a Mercedes Benz).  He also moved in with three bats that were 88cm long and a third baseman's glove (although he wants to focus primarily on being a catcher). After moving in, he hit the batting cages and took about 200 pitches.  It seems Yuki Saito's room is located directly above Oshima's room.

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  1. Mike DeJong

    Re: Nakata practicing every day.

    Wouldn’t it be better to rest and study video once in a while than going through mindless drills? How is that going to help him hit a 95 mph fastball?

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