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Hanshin Tigers: January 16, 2012

by on Jan.16, 2012 @ 11:50 pm, under NPB

Takumi Akiyama tossed 36 pitches in the bullpen today (while mixing in curves).  Akiyama also had his hair buzzed short on Sunday.


Kyuji Fujikawa worked out in Ginoza, Okinawa today.  As part of his workouts to strengthen his lower body, Fujikawa has been running eight to ten kilometers a day.


Tomoyuki Kubota also worked out at Ginoza today and tossed BP to the other players in his group, like Taichi Okazaki.


1st round draft pick Hayata Ito has not taken one day off since the start of training camp for the 2011 draft class. ... Ito does not remember laying down bunts while playing college or high school baseball (official team games only). ... A lunch box named after Ito will be sold during spring camp at Ginoza Stadium: "Chicken Hayata" is a rice bowl that will sell for 510 yen (the number 51 is taken from his uniform number). ... Ito's father celebrated his 55th birthday on Sunday.

4th round draft pick Kazuo Ito tossed 35 pitches in the bullpen today (standing catcher).


It took Atsushi Nomi about an hour and twenty minutes to throw 238 pitches during BP on Sunday.

"I did not throw very hard.  (upon hearing the total) Are you serious?  But I was not throwing at regulation distances.  It did not feel like I threw 200 pitches.  I push through little by little," said Nomi.

Nomi threw 177 pitches at around the same time last year.


Matt Murton may not make it back to Japan in time for the start of spring camp because his wife is expecting their third child (sometime later this month).  Murton has already received permission from the team.