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Yomiuri Giants: January 16, 2012

by on Jan.16, 2012 @ 11:52 pm, under NPB

Training camp for Ikusei players began at Giants Stadium today (9am start time).  GM Atsushi Harasawa, who also had a chance to watch practices, told reporters that there will most likely be fewer games on the Ni-gun schedule this year than last year because he felt the balance between games and practices was not very good  (it does not make any sense if playing more games takes away from practice times).


Yuya Kubo was checked out at a hospital on Saturday and was told that his right hip was looking good.  General pitching coach Kazuhisa Kawaguchi said to reporters that Kubo still needed about another month before he could start ramping up his workouts.


Shuichi Murata used to look to the Kiyoken Shumai ad when batting at Yokohama Stadium.  Now that he is playing for the Yomiuri Giants, he will keep his eye on the SECOM Shigeo Nagashima ad banner in right-center (as in, he wants to work on hitting the ball the opposite way). ... Murata is thinking about selecting KARA's Mister for his batter intro.

FYI: a total 89 players have hit the ads beyond the outfield fences on the back wall of Tokyo Dome.


The Giants announced today that the Okinawa Awamori Distillers Association will begin selling an official Yomiuri Giants' bottle of Awamori (Okinawa liquor).  One 720ml bottle will cost 1,575 yen.