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Rakuten Eagles: January 19, 2012

by on Jan.19, 2012 @ 11:44 pm, under NPB

Workouts for the 2011 draft class today included running and indoor fielding practice in the morning; and BP and weight training in the afternoon.


Daisuke Kato tossed 25 pitches in the bullpen today (standing catcher).


Takashi Kawai's workouts at Kleenex Stadium on Wednesday included fielding practice and running.


Senichi Hoshino does not think the team has enough advance scouts, particularly during inter-league play -- they carried four advance scouts last season, only two of which were actually sent out to check on opponents in advance.  He also realizes payroll can not easily be increased and would like some of their scouts to double as advance scouts when they have the extra time -- scout the high school and college ranks during the day and work as advance scouts at night.

It seems this could just be limited to the spring when scout workloads tend to be on the light side.

FYI: the Eagles have 12 scouts in all