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Yu Darvish News and Notes: January 23, 2012

by on Jan.23, 2012 @ 2:13 pm, under MLB

Yu Darvish headlines from Monday, January 23, 2012.

Nikkan Sports

Information Darvish's t-shirt

Brand name: Lucien Pellat-Finet [ Japanese | English ]
Cost: similar types of shirts are going for about 70,000 yen in Japan


Darvish could be on his way back to Japan today.  He is scheduled for a press conference at Sapporo Dome tomorrow (January 24).


Notes a Dallas Morning News article outlining how the Texas Rangers approached Darvish and how Bob Simpson (co-chairman of the board) went from being a skeptic to being a believer (after a three hour meeting with Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels.


Darvish is thinking about hiring Romash Tasuku Dass to be a part of his support crew in the US and to possibly help him get back into baseball.

Dass and Darvish are somewhat similar in that they are over 190cm tall, are right-handed, and are from bicultural families.  That connection may have been what led Darvish to take Dass under his wing.



Mentions that Darvish's t-shirt was a part of the 2010 Fall collection, sold for 68,250 yen, and is no longer available for sale.


Spring Training facilities: the Rangers are reportedly planning to increase the number of seats (from 24 to 89) they have for the media at Surprise Stadium.  They have also worked out a deal with Surprise Aquatic Center for work areas that reporters can use for free (internet, bathrooms, air conditioning).


UPDATE @ 9:57pm - Darvish arrived at Narita Airport earlier today.

UPDATE @ 10:43pm - About 300 fans and 100 reporters greeted Darvish at the airport.

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  1. Mike DeJong

    Doesn’t the fact that Darvish’s T-shirt had a marijuana leaf on it raise a few eye-brows?

    1. EJH

      Unlike Americans, Japanese people are not obsessed with drugs. Also, as I’ll bet you know, this story has already been thoroughly dealt with in the US media.

    2. Steve

      It’s meaningless. Not only is it meaningless, it’s probably a Japanese Maple Leaf, not a marijuana leaf.

      You see elementary school children with marijuana leaf hangers on their backpack. It’s just a cool looking symbol here, doesn’t mean someone is a pot smoker.

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