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CL News and Notes: January 26, 2012

by on Jan.26, 2012 @ 11:58 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Early training camp begins tomorrow.  Players attending camp left for Okinawa today out of Chubu International Airport.


Kazuhiro Wada arrived at Nagoya stadium early this morning and spent about two hours doing various workouts (like running and BP).  Wada will head to Okinawa on January 29.


Ryosuke Hirata told reporters that he ate some bad oysters last week and was stuck in the hospital for two days.  He also said he lost about five kilograms, which was good for him because he about ten kilograms over his ideal weight (90kg).

Yakult Swallows

Training camp for the 2011 draft class ended today.

1st round draft pick Ryuhei Kawakami is having left ankle problems and got the day off today -- he was out getting his ankle examined.

2nd round draft pick Ryohei Kiya threw 50 pitches (with off-speed pitches mixed in) in the bullpen (squatting catcher) today.

4th round draft pick Yuya Ota also tossed a bullpen session today.


Hayato Sakamoto (YOM) apparently advised Tetsuto Yamada to practice his hitting without batting gloves.

Yomiuri Giants

Ichi-gun players headed to Miyazaki for early training camp today.  Camp begins on Friday.


The Giants decided to play one of their games at 7pm this season (July 25, vs Yokohama) after they found out, via surveys they handed out last year with the help from Yomiuri Shimbun, that a fairly large number of fans were interested in going to games after work.  Depending on attendance and how well things work out, the Giants may consider more 7pm games next year.


GM Atsushi Harasawa sat in on the media training course given to the 2011 draft class on Wednesday.

Hanshin Tigers

Players left for early training camp in Okinawa out of Kobe Airport today.  Training camp begins tomorrow.


Takumi Akiyama and Fumihito Haraguchi were both given Coming of Age commemorative items by the team today.

Hiroshima Carp

1st round draft pick Yusuke Nomura worked out with Ikusei 4th round draft pick Kazuma Mike for about an hour on his day off at the Ono training facilities today.  Nomura threw the ball at about 50-60% during a game of catch.


Kenta Kurihara spent about two hours working with Shota Dobayashi on his hitting today.


The Carp usually break their Ichi-gun spring camps into two sessions: the first taking place in Okinawa and the second in Nichinan, Miyazaki.  However, the stadium they use in Okinawa will be closed next year because a new stadium is being built and will most likely not be ready in time for spring camp in 2013.  That means there is a good chance the Carp will spend both sessions in Nichinan.

Some info on the new stadium: 100 meters to right and left, 122 meters to center, brand new lighting system and covered training area for when it rains.