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Softbank Hawks: January 30, 2012

by on Jan.30, 2012 @ 11:52 pm, under NPB

The Hawks released player assignments for spring camp today.


The Hawks held a press conference for Wily Mo Pena at Yahoo Dome today.


Softbank announced a uniform number and registered name change today:

Nakanishi, Kenta: from 31 to 58

Chikada, Reo: from Reo (怜王) to Chikada, Reo (近田 怜王)


The Hawks visited Hakozakigu Shrine in Fukuoka today in order to pray for a success season.  About 3,000 fans showed up to watch.  The team is scheduled to travel to Miyazaki tomorrow.


Nagisa Arakaki told reporters that he was thinking about throwing his big sweeping slider again because his shoulder is feeling much better (and because he needs to do well this year).  Arakaki decided to can the big slider last year because of problems with his right shoulder and instead turned to a slider with less break.


Toru Hosokawa is thinking about spending some time at Ni-gun spring camp because he wants a shot at catching every pitcher in the organization.  He wanted to do the same thing last year, but could not.  Hosokawa is particularly interested in catching 1st round draft pick Shota Takeda.


Seiichi Uchikawa made an appearance on FBS' Yume Kukan Sports on Sunday and said that he will begin using the color pink again (he went with the team color yellow last season but is reverting back to the pink he used when he played for Yokohama).

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