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Chunichi Dragons hold press conference to [re]introduce Kenshin Kawakami

by on Jan.31, 2012 @ 9:03 pm, under NPB

Kenshin Kawakami officially signed a one-year deal worth 30M yen, plus incentives, with the Chunichi Dragons today; he was also assigned the number eleven.

Nikkan Sports has posted comments from the press conference:

Your thoughts on returning after being away for three years...

I was away from the Dragons for three seasons.  I return full of energy, similar to the way I felt when I was a rookie.  I want to meet the rest of the players and staff.  I just want to do my best to pitch like I used, for the team and for the fans.

Your experiences in America...

There were good things and bad things.  I had a difficult time with the language, but it was a great experience.  Communication is important in both Japan and America.

What are your reasons for returning to Chunichi?

I could not forget about my teammates and Nagoya.  Players like [Masahiro] Yamamoto and [Hirokazu] Ibata told me they wanted me to join the team again and that was a deciding factor.

Your thoughts on the number 11...

I still has not sunk it.  It feels a little strange because other players were wearing it while I was in America.  I actually feel a pressured and want to do my best because I do not want to tarnish number.

Sanspo is carrying the following comments:

You are returning after being away for three years...

I have not stood on the field or thrown a ball yet so it still feels a little strange.  I want to hurry up and meet the players and staff members.

You spent three years in the US...

There were good things and bad things.  I had a tough time with the language, but it was good for [for me] for baseball.  I think communication is important in Japan and the US.

What is your impression of Chunichi right now?

I do not know the strengths of the individual players.  But it seems they run a tight ship.  I think the manager likes to play a tight game of baseball with a focus on defense.

How are you feeling?

I usually have some aches and pains at this time of year, or some uncertainties before the start of camp, but I do not have that this year.

On the start of spring camp...

I have something to show the staff, coaches, and manager.  I want to show them I can provide them with some security.