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CL News and Notes: January 31, 2012

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Chunichi Dragons

Morimichi Takagi expects players to work on their small ball skills, like moving runners over and doing the other little things that help improve a team's chances at scoring a run.


The Dragons announced that they assigned Toshiya Okada a new number: from 11 to 21 (Wei-Ying Chen's old number).

The number 11 was in turn given/returned to Kenshi Kawakami.

Nobumasa Fukuda's registered position was also changed from infielder to catcher.


Bullpen sessions:


Yudai Ono threw 33 pitches in the bullpen and later told reporters he was throwing at about 80%.  It was Ono's second bullpen session in Okinawa.  Ono also mentioned that Wei-Ying Chen gave him advice on how to use his lower body more effectively and that he was trying to release the ball about 10cm farther out in front of him.

Yakult Swallows

The Swallows visited Naminoue-gu Shrine in Naha on Tuesday and prayed for a successful season.


Ryoji Aikawa was named captain of the team.


Junji Ogawa's to-do list during spring camp (according to Sanspo):

1) have intense competitions at various positions to improve overall quality
2) development the next player to take over for Norichika Aoki
3) help the new foreigners get used to playing in Japan

Ogawa also wants to see his players to sell themselves more, especially with the departure of one of the team's most popular players.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Kiyoshi Nakahata arrived in Okinawa on Tuesday and attended a welcoming ceremony at Naha airport.  About 300 fans showed up.

Nakahata does not plan on taking any early morning walks during spring camp because the days are already long enough as is. ... Nakahata got a hair cut at his sister's beauty salon in Izumi Ward, Yokohama on Monday.  He told reporters he does not care if players dye their hair, wear earrings, and have facial hair, so long as they are presentable, with an emphasis on presentable. ... Nakahata plans to take advantage of the Yomiuri Giants' weak middle infield defense. ... Nakahata is aware that neither Yoshitomo Tsutsugo and Alex Ramirez are solid defenders.  But since he likes their offensive potential, he plans to work with both players during spring camp.

Regarding Tsutsugo: "We will work Tsutsugo hard on defense during spring camp."

Regarding Ramirez: "Ramirez is fast when he runs a straight line.  And while his main position will be in the outfield, I think working at an infield position will help him think more about his footwork.  I think it will also help him on offense."


Team owner Makoto Haruta accompanied the team to Okinawa on Tuesday.  He also attended the general meeting held at the player hotel.


 According to Nikkan Sports, the general meeting lasted about an hour.  Sanspo figures it lasted over two hours.

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