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Hanshin Tigers: February 1, 2012

by on Feb.01, 2012 @ 11:57 pm, under NPB

A welcoming ceremony was held before practices at Ginoza Stadium this morning.  Yutaka Wada, team president Nobuo Minami, staff, and players all took part in the ceremony.


A welcoming ceremony was also held before Ni-gun practices in Kochi.  After warmups, players were required to do a 2,000 meter run -- Hiroya Shimamoto recorded the best time for pitchers; Yusuke Kuroda got the best time for position players.


Kenji Jojima worked out at first during situational fielding practice.

Jojima on playing first: "If I am not good [at first] then I need to practice and get better.  If there is a chance I might be playing here, then I need to do my best.  [After all] I am a professional [athlete]."

And Wada after watching Jojima workout at first: "I get the feeling he will be ok [at first]."


Wada watched all 16 pitchers at Ginoza toss bullpen sessions (span of eight hours).


Fielding/base-running coach Koji Yamawaki sat down with Tomoaki Kanemoto on Tuesday to work out fielding practice schedule.  They decided Kanemoto would begin taking outdoor fielding practice on the first day of spring camp and move on to taking situational fielding practice some time during the second block of spring camp.  Incidentally, it was apparently Kanemoto that approached Yamawaki about starting fielding practice early.

As for hitting outdoors, Kanemoto is thinking either the third or fourth day of the first block.

And Kanemoto on his first day of spring camp: "It was ok.  Playing catch was 80%, running was 80%, hitting was bad."


1st round draft pick Hayata Ito met Kanemoto for the first time on Tuesday.

Ito checked into the stadium at 9:00am this morning and did not leave until 6:10pm.  His workouts included fielding practice, outdoor BP, and extra fielding practice.


Yasutomo Kubo seems to be ok with a move to the bullpen as he said to reporters on Tuesday, "I do not decide on pitcher usage.  I want to be used in whatever way will help the team get closer to a championship."  When asked if that meant he would consider starting and relieving, he replied, "yes."

The team may have approached Kubo about the possibility of pitching out of the bullpen on Monday.


Takumi Akiyama ran for about an hour during the team's day off on Tuesday.


Wada gave Keiichi Hirano a Shachihata hanko after hearing he did not have one.

FYI: hanko are seals used in place of signatures in Japan.


Kyuji Fujikawa, Takashi Toritani, Atsushi Nomi, and Kentaro Sekimoto modeled the 2012 uniforms during the unveiling ceremony on Tuesday.


Batting practice:


Masahiro Nakatani hit seven over the fence during regular BP.  He also stayed back after general practices for extra BP and hit twenty-six over the fence.