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Nippon Ham Fighters: February 2, 2012 [UPDATED]

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Hideki Kuriyama was presented with a number of local products today, like Agu pork, Orion beer, sanpin tea.


Yuji Iiyama, Makoto Kaneko, and Takuya Nakashima took extra fielding practice (about an hour) after general practices today.

Afterward, Iiyama spent some time taking soft toss BP.


Kuriyama's comments on Yuki Saito from Wednesday: "I want to know how many pitches pitchers can throw during regulation games.  Please ask pitching coach [Masato] Yoshii for comments [on Saito's bullpen session today].  I do not really feel like praising him."

When reporters followed up and asked what he thought about Saito tossing a session on the first day of camp, he replied, "That is a no brainer.  There are expectations and he needs to do what he can to live up to them.  I expect a lot from him.  If he did not [toss a session today] I would have thought, goodbye."

FWIW: Saito has apparently made some changes to his mechanics, one of which is where he places his glove hand while throwing the ball.  Seems he was able to command the ball better when he raised the hand up further up near his chest/neck than near his belly button.


Beginning at 8:50am this morning, Sho Nakata took about an hour of extra fielding practice at first base.  INF coach Hajime Miki worked with Nakata.

Nakata also started using purple-colored equipment (training bat, batting gloves, sweat band, and training shoes) this spring and told reporters on Wednesday he decided to take on the color from Ryuichi Watanabe (senryokugai after last season).


7th round draft pick Takumi Oshima will have a chance to play in an intra-squad game on either February 7 or 9.

Oshima caught Ken Miyamoto's bullpen session on Wednesday.  Of the 62 pitches Miyamoto threw, Oshima had trouble catching five.  He also had a chance to work on calling pitching and was told that it was difficult seeing his fingers.

Oshima ran into some difficulties executing plays as a catcher during infield drills today.


Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions


  • Sho Natkata took thirty-nine swings and hit eleven over the fence. (Nikkan Sports)
  • 7th round draft pick Takumi Oshima took sixty-six swings and recorded twenty-five could be hits. (Sanspo)


  • Sho Nakata took forty-nine swings and hit seven over the fence. He also stayed back for over an hour of extra hitting practice -- soft toss and in the cages. (Sanspo)



  • Ryo Sakakibara threw 33 pitches (light and easy since he is coming back from right shoulder problems) to a standing catcher. (Sponichi)


Additional Updates (2/3 @ 1:02am)

Pitching coach Masato Yoshii told reporters on Wednesday that starters should be able to start at least twenty-five games and go at least seven innings a start.

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  1. Chris

    Based on what I can see of his tone from this interview, it doesn’t seem like Kuriyama is too high on Saito right now. Anyone know anything about this or am I just reading it wrong?

    1. Gen Post author

      I probably did not express the tone very well, but I think Kuriyama is just going the “tough love” route with Saito. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

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