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Chiba Lotte Marines: February 7, 2012

by on Feb.07, 2012 @ 11:58 pm, under NPB

Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions


  • Tadahito Iguchi saw thirty-nine pitches from 1st round draft pick Takahiro Fujioka.  Iguchi collected four could-be hits, fouled off twelve, and was caught looking five times. (Sanspo)


2nd round draft pick Yuhei Nakaushiro faced Ikuhiro Kiyota and Shota Ishimine during batting practice on Monday and allowed fourteen could-be hits on sixty-eight pitches (fastballs) during batting practice on Monday.


Norifumi Nishimura told reporters today that he felt his players were not taking full advantage of their speed and that they should work on honing their skills during exhibition games.  He also said that Shota Ishimine and Yoshifumi Okada could probably combine for at least 100 stolen bases while Ikuhiro Kiyota could probably steal thirty.


Tarento Risa Yoshiki visited Ichi-gun spring camp today as part of a Valentine's Day project and handed out chocolates to Yuki Karakawa, 1st round draft pick Takahiro Fujioka, and Norifumi Nishimura.


Total Tenboss (comedy duo) visited the team early this morning and performed one of their newest acts.

====== UPDATE 2/8 @ 2:28am

2nd round draft pick Nakaushiro may have struggled with his control during his batting practice outing on Monday because of the pitcher's safety net.

One comment on “Chiba Lotte Marines: February 7, 2012

  1. Steve

    They’re not taking full advantage of their speed because the coaches never allow them to take an extra base. I never saw so many stop signs thrown up with a fast guy running from second on a single.

    It’s strange how the team was not conservative at all with letting Okada and Ishimine steal but way too conservative to take an extra base or go home. Surely it cost us a few games earlier in the year.

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