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KBO: Prosecutors continuing to investigate alleged match-fixing/spot-fixing attempts

by on Feb.28, 2012 @ 9:36 pm, under Other

The Korea Times has an update.  A snip:

Until now, prosecutors have said based on earlier testimonies, brokers attempted to fix five to six KBO games and were only successful three or four times.

Kim was arrested for allegedly introducing two active players in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), the nation's top baseball league, to a gambling broker to assist in match fixing schemes.


Kim, the ex-college player, also reportedly testified that KBO players received about 12 million won ($10,620) in total for their roles in the fixing. Park said that claim would need to be confirmed through a separate investigation of suspected players.

The Associated Press has also posted a brief update.  A snip:

A prosecution office in the southeastern city of Daegu said Tuesday it's questioning an LG Twins pitcher surnamed Kim before deciding whether to formally arrest him.

The office refused to provide further details.

The Japanese media (here and here) have identified the player as twenty-three year-old pitcher Seong-Hyeon Kim (金聖賢).  They also note Kim walked a batter in the first inning of a game twice last season and earned at least 3M won per incident (the bet was on whether or not there would be a walk in the first inning).

UPDATE 3/2 @ 11:49pm - To clarify: the Kim in the Korea Times article is not the same Kim mentioned in the Associated Press article.  The first Kim is a former college player that allegedly introduced the second Kim to a gambling broker.  My apologies for the confusion.