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NPB cleared to play four games against Industrial League teams

by on Feb.28, 2012 @ 11:45 pm, under High School, Industrial, NPB

The Japan Amateur Baseball Association approved the following four games against NPB teams on Monday:

  • March 4 - Oji Seishi vs Chunichi Dragons at Nagoya Dome
  • March 10 - NTT Nishi Nihon vs Seibu Lions at Seibu 2 Stadium
  • April 2 - Riseisha Gakuen vs Softbank Hawks @ Gannosu Stadium
  • April 5 - Okidata Computer Kyoiku Gakuin vs Softbank Hawks @ Gannosu Stadium


The First Conference for Discussing Student Baseball Coaching Requirements was held today in Tokyo.  Preliminary discussions involved explaining current rules and going over the history of the Japan Student Baseball Charter.  The next meeting, scheduled to take place on April 16, will give NPB officials an opportunity to express what kind of changes they would like to see.  One idea the NPB wants to discuss is giving active pro players a little more flexibility when it comes to coaching high school baseball players.


The media learned on Monday that Masumi Kuwata will be a lecturer at the Twelve Team Rookie Seminar on March 5.  His session is scheduled to last about forty minutes.


Daily Sports reports that Central League may end up passing over starting pitcher announcements this year because teams feel they need more time to discuss the matter.  At this point, it seems more likely that the league will discuss starting pitcher announcement during their next board of directors meeting on March 1 as a consideration for the 2013 season.

Amongst some of the concerns: no proof that it will help improve attendance; not enough time to get the rule included for the 2012 season; the rule can not be added if even just one team is against it.