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Nikkan Sports: Yu Darvish Press Conference from March 2

by on Mar.04, 2012 @ 4:27 am, under MLB

Nikkan Sports has posted some of the Q&A from Yu Darvish's press conference on March 2.

What are your thought on facing the upper portion of the Ranger's line-up?

I had a lot of fun facing some really good hitters during my first outing.

Were you nervous?

I have thrown a lot during batting practice and I have thrown a lot up to now.  But I did struggle with my mechanics.

Did the strong wind have any effect?

Including pitching in those kinds of conditions, my mechanics on a whole were not very good.

The dry climate and the temperature are different than Japan.  Is that causing any issues with movement on your off-speed pitches?

It is dry because it is Arizona and I already heard that off-speed pitches have less movement.  Despite that, I think I am getting good movement.  But there was the wind...  I had a tough time getting my breaking pitches to break.  My two-seamer was really good though.

Did the strong wind affect your delivery?

Not really...  I have pitched with strong wind before, no problems there.

Many of the batters seem to have a strong impression of the curve, what did you think of the pitch?

I threw the same curve I threw in Japan.  I know the curve is thrown less over here.  I have not asked them directly so I do not know what they are thinking, but I think I am ok so long as I can get strikes, no?

Are pitch counts on your mind?  If you are, is there anything you are doing to offset it?

First, I am not thinking about, not at all.  In talking with the team, it is not something either side is too concerned about.

You did not shake off the catcher very often today.  Did you just end up going along with him?  Or were you two on the same page?

The pitching coach told everyone, not just me, to shake off pitches whenever necessary.  I have been told that I should shake signs off because if I am going to get hit, I may as well get hit throwing the pitch I want to throw.  There was a part of me that let the catcher handle the pitches today, but I also did throw pitches I wanted to throw.

So you started pitching against good batters on one of the best offensive teams in the Majors and soon you will be facing the top batters on other teams.  Your thoughts?

It was good that I was able to face good hitters.  I do not really know how many good batters are out there, but I am looking forward to facing good hittres.