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BC League: Three Fukui players suspended for corporal punishment

by on Mar.07, 2012 @ 3:22 pm, under Independent

Three members of the Fukui Miracle Elephants (BC League) have been suspended for using corporal punishment on a nineteen year-old teammate.  One player, a twenty-six year-old pitcher, has been suspended for six months, the other two, three months each.

According to the team, the twenty-six year-old pitcher called the nineteen year-old pitcher into his hotel room during training camp in Oi, Fukui in March 2011 to punish him for poor conduct during practices.  It was at that time that the twenty-six year-old pitcher made the 19-year-old pitcher put a bat in between his knees and then sit on the floor seiza style.  The other two players were present, but did nothing to stop the twenty-six year old pitcher.

In October 2011, the nineteen year-old's father contacted the team to inform them of what happened.  The three players were suspended, effective December 1 (no games, no team practices).  The nineteen year-old player left the team in November and filed a report with the Obama Police Department in February this year.

FWIW: the Miracle Elephants posted a notice on November 7, 2011 that nineteen year-old Shota Sugaya was leaving the team.