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Hiroshima Carp: Kenjiro Nomura frustrated with Yoshihiro Maru’s conservative base-running

by on Mar.07, 2012 @ 11:49 pm, under NPB

Yoshihiro Maru failed to run aggressively during the 5th inning of Tuesday's game against the Yomiuri Giants -- with no out he ran from first to second on a single to center when he may have been able to make it to third.  Kenjiro Nomura was frustrated and upset at Maru and immediately sent in a pinch-runner.

"I have no idea what [Maru] is thinking," said Nomura.  "[He should be thinking] what kind of throw a right-handed center fielder will be able to make on a ball that is going toward right.  An attentive junior high school student should know this.  Maru also needs to know what kind of player he is.  He took himself out of the game, he killed himself.  He makes it to Ichi-gun, gets a hit, he needs to think about what he needs to do.  It is ridiculous."