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Shizuoka, Hamamatsu wants their own NPB baseball team

by on Mar.11, 2012 @ 11:11 pm, under NPB

Shizuoka City and Hamamatsu City in Shizuoka Prefecture want an NPB team.  As part of their efforts to show that their prefecture deserves one, they held two student baseball games at Kusanagi Baseball Stadium earlier today.  A baseball clinic, featuring former pro yakyu players Zenjiro Tadokoro and Seiichi Uematsu, was also held after the game.

Back on February 1, MSN's Sankei News reported that there are three other areas actively pushing for NPB teams.  They are: the Hokushinetsu region, the Shikoku region, and South Kyushu/Okinawa region.  And while past plans have involved shrinking the league (like eight to ten teams, one league), MSN makes note of a new idea that involves increasing the league to sixteen teams (which could also involve creating two division under each league with four teams in each division).

One comment on “Shizuoka, Hamamatsu wants their own NPB baseball team

  1. muratafan

    Not really sure that it’s a good idea in terms of diluting the talent level. Usually in cases of expansion, the scarcest commodities really become apparent. In MLB, it was the lack of good starting pitching. In NPB, it will likely be the lack of power hitters. Chiba had a paltry # of home runs and then to further dilute the power hitting aspect of NPB would, imo, make for a very dull game.

    On the other hand, taking some EXISTING teams and moving them out of the shadows of the Giants and Tigers (such as the Baystars, Orix, Yakult, maybe even one of Seibu/Chiba) sounds AWESOME. More cool places to travel and less 4k/game attendance at Yokohama stadium, Osaka dome or Jingu. Better overall presence of NPB in Japan.

    That’s why I’m an Eagles fans and Fighter’s fan. Both recently moved out of the shadows of the Tigers and Giants respectively, are pretty well attended games and add a distinctive geographic flair to NPB that wasn’t previously there. Nothing was more depressing that watching Kintetsu play in front of no one in a generic, dull Osaka dome and seeing the Fighters play in the Tokyo Dome in front of really poor crowds. Contrast that with full houses on weekends at the Sapporo Dome or Kleenex and an excited fanbase and I think pretty much everyone would agree that those 2 moves were really n the best interest of NPB.

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