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Softbank Hawks: March 14, 2012

by on Mar.14, 2012 @ 11:59 pm, under NPB

The Hawks held full-squad workouts at Muscat Stadium today.  Koji Akiyama told reporters that he will begin increasing the number of bunts and hit-and-run type plays during exhibition games.


Hideki Okajima is scheduled to pitch against the Rakuten Eagles on Thursday (practice game).

Four of the twelve pitches Okajima threw during his outing yesterday were curves.

Said Okajima, "I could not throw the pitch in Majors because the ball was too slippery, but I am a curve pitcher.  This is the type of pitcher I really am."

Okajima has also shortened his stride since the mounds in Japan are more slippery.


Through Tuesday, the Hawks had twenty-four stolen bases in eleven exhibition games.