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Yokohama Bay Stars: March 16, 2012

by on Mar.16, 2012 @ 11:53 pm, under NPB

Kiyoshi Nakahata accidentally submitted the wrong line-up to the umpire before Thursday's game against the Hanshin Tigers.

Nakahata created a new line-up for Thursday's game that left excluded Takehiro Ishikawa because he was having some problems with tightness in his legs.  The line-up that was submitted was an old version he created the day before that included Ishikawa (it also had Hichori Morimoto batting ninth instead of second).  Nakahata realized what had been done when he saw the line-ups posted on a board beyond the dugout, about thirty minutes before the start of the game.  He rushed managed to get the new version ok'ed by both the Tigers and the umpires.


The Bay Stars have already sold about 30,000 advance tickets to their home opener on April 3.


Hiromitsu Ochiai visited Yokohama Stadium on Thursday and met both Nakahata and Hanshin Tigers manager Yutaka Wada before the game.