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Yomiuri Giants claim Kiyotake was lying about how much contact he had with player contracts

by on Mar.20, 2012 @ 3:34 am, under NPB

Hidetoshi Kiyotake spoke to Kyodo News on Sunday night and denied any involvement in the document leak that affected six Yomiuri Giant players.  The Giants responded a less than two hours later by faxing a document to all the media outlets that said: 1) the team rep handles everything during player negotiations and hands the final documents over to the accounting department head; 2) team reps will reference previous contract during contract negotiations every year; 3) there is no way Kiyotake does not see any contracts; 4) Kiyotake was not only the team rep, but also in charge of team operations and general affairs; an 5) the court documents he filed for his lawsuit also contain similar information about what his job was when he worked for the team.


Asahi Shimbun responded to the Yomiuri Giants' request for a written apology on Monday by saying that they cannot meet the demands because their article was based on information obtained from internal documents and from people with knowledge of the incident (in other words, it seems they are taking the stance that they can not apologize for reporting on the truth).

The Giants will consider their options before moving forward.

It should also be noted that team chairman Tsuneo Watanabe spoke to reporters on Monday and said that Asahi Shimbun's response was not a response and that he planned to protest it.  He also mentioned the possibility of dragging the police into the mix because internal documents were stolen.


The Yomiuri Giants filed a letter of protest against an MSN Sankei News article (it was an interview with Kiyotake) on Monday because the information contained in the article was untrue.


While not entirely related to this latest incident, team president Tsunekazu Momoi told reporters he read Kiyotake's newest book, Kyokai (巨魁), and provided them with the following comment:

I saw the book.  It made me tilt my head a little.  And not just with regards to the content.  And assuming, for one moment, what what he wrote was true, then there are things he should not be writing about as someone that used to be a team rep.  There are a lot of problems, including player trust.  It seems to me that he skips past that part.  He could say that he is not the team rep now, but it left me with a lot of questions.  I also think that people who do not understand [how things really are] will read the book and believe what he is saying.  That is the real problem.

Incidentally, for the conspiracy theorists: the book was released nationally on March 16; the bonuses report was filed by Asahi Shimbun early on the 15th.