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Yomiuri Giants Document Leak: Tsuneo Watanabe points finger at Hidetoshi Kiyotake

by on Mar.21, 2012 @ 2:21 am, under NPB

Nikkan Sports posted the following interaction Yomiuri Giants' chairman Tsuneo Watanabe had with the media on Monday.

What are your thoughts on Asahi Shimbun's reply to Yomiuri's request for a written apology?

It is not a reply.  They wrote that multiple internal sources and documents prove their story to be true.  Who are those multiple sources?  Well, I looked into it too.  There is only one.  Internal documents are top secret and these documents were stolen.  In other words, we have a thief.  They will not show the documents even though they were stolen.

Will you protest?

Of course we will.  But we will do something that has a little more impact.

There was mention of taking legal measures.

Before taking legal measures, legal measures are a civil case.  We can also make this a criminal case.  We are looking into that now.

With regards to the document leak, there are some that feel former team rep [Hidetoshi] Kiyotake may have been involved.

It there another option?  Could there be anyone else?  I looked into everything.  The document leak, it was stolen.  It is a case for the police.  Obstruction of business using deception, aggravated breach of trust, he is a former employee so this is what it would be.  If, of course, this is true.  We are discussing this theft with the authorities.

Have you read former team rep Kiyotake's [new] book?

No.  Do you think I have enough free time to waste on reading such a silly book like that?  There are more pressing books I want to read like those on nuclear energy and TPP.  I do not have any time to spare on worthless books written by such a vulgar man.

3 comments on “Yomiuri Giants Document Leak: Tsuneo Watanabe points finger at Hidetoshi Kiyotake

  1. Jim

    So what happens if Watanabe is wrong, and he’s just shooting his mouth off again? I’m pretty sure that it turns into a slander case. This getting very ugly, very fast.

  2. Eric Lord

    They need to axe Nabetsune as fast as the can. The man is an unintelligent blowhard, and that’s the worst kind of blowhard.

  3. Mike DeJong

    It’s unbelievable that a newspaper company can be upset about another paper’s scoop. Oh, perhaps that’s the problem.

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