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Yomiuri Giants ask Asahi Shimbun why they ran the bonus story

by on Mar.25, 2012 @ 2:21 am, under NPB

The Yomiuri Giants sent Asashi Shimbun a list of twelve questions asking why they decided to publish their report on six players that were paid high bonuses close to ten years ago.  Below are a most of the questions (the complete document, in Japanese, can be found at Nikkan Sports).  The Giants also asked that Asahi Shimbun provide a reply within five days.

  1. If the team did pay high bonuses to players as their report suggests, how exactly is it a bad thing if the league had not set any firm limitations on max bonuses?
  2. The headline for the report was "[Bonuses] were over the league's agreement."  However, at the time, the agreement the league had at the time was that the max limit was not necessarily a hard-set limit.  That would mean your headline is false.  Please let us know what you think with regards to this issue.
  3. Teams generally want to keep players drafted out of high school for at least five years and players drafted out of college or the Industrial Leagues around three years.  When negotiating deals, this is also considered.  Did you know this?
  4. The 100M yen bonus (150M yen if you include incentives) limit set in 2007 only covers the amount paid in the first year.  Are you aware of this?
  5. Let us say we did pay bonuses over the limit, as mentioned, the limit only covers the first year.  And you mentioned that we paid the bonuses out over a number of years, based on whether or not certain conditions were met.  That would put the bonuses in line with the limit.  Do you still find a problem with the contracts?
  6. We urged your reporter to confirm facts with someone that has a strong general understanding of the NPB.  The report was filed early the next morning.  Did your reporter, or anyone connected with the story interview someone with a strong general understand of the NPB?
  7. We do not have financial contracts for at least two of the six players you covered in your report.  Where exactly did you get the amounts from?
  8. The article 1) was about something that happened between eight to fifteen years ago, 2) contained private material about players, and 3) was about something that did not break any rules.  Despite that, you still published player names and photos.  Can you tell us what the value is in that?
  9. You mention internal documents, and yet you have never verified their authenticity with us directly.  How did you come to find they were authentic?
  10. Let us assume they are authentic, that would mean they had to have been taken from our offices illegally.  What are your thoughts of a content provider that depends on documents that were likely obtained illegally?

4 comments on “Yomiuri Giants ask Asahi Shimbun why they ran the bonus story

  1. Steve

    If the limits were not intended as a firm limit, why is Yomiuri so damn defensive about the fact they exceeded those limits? They know they violated at the very least the spirit of the agreement and are trying to blame the messenger…

    1. Eric Lord

      This whole letter reeks of Watanabe Tsuneo. If Yomiuri was at all interested in salvaging any of the team’s dignity they’d just fess up and accept the fine, but instead NabeTsune is going ballistic and trying to gain some sort of offensive initiative.

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