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Yokohama Bay Stars: March 27, 2012

by on Mar.27, 2012 @ 11:54 pm, under NPB

About sixty people from the organization (players and staff) visited Tsurugaoka Hachimangu and prayed for a successful season.  An estimated 1,500 fans also showed up.


Team workouts at Yokohama Stadium began at 5pm today and lasted about three hours.


Kiyoshi Nakahata told reporters on Monday that he does not plan on penciling Alex Ramirez into the starting line-up until he can run at full speed.

"If he can not score from second on a hit, then other hard-working players will have a hard time understanding the decision [to play him]. ... It will also be a waste of a player to immediately send in a pinch-runner after a double.  He might have special permission to do things like leave practices early, but he will not be given preferential treatment," said Nakahata.

The earliest Ramirez might be able to make it back to the starting line-up: three games series against Chunichi at Yokohama.

Nakahata also added that his clean-up hitters right now were Ramirez and Norihiro Nakamura -- if both go down, the team will need to work on finding/growing a new clean-up hitter.


Nakahata on using baseball data to help him manage the team: "Data?  This was a last place team so the numbers are obviously bad.  Lookin at them would do nothing.  There is nothing to think about.  Everything up to now, no problem.  It is nothing. ... Data can just be [for the coaches] to remember. ... If you read too much into the data, you start playing against the data.  You need to play against reality.  It is like a feeling, it is being able to react to things as they happen that day."