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2012 Nippon Professional Baseball Regular Season FINAL

by on Apr.01, 2012 @ 6:21 pm, under NPB

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2012 Season Standings

Central League

1 Yomiuri 144 86 43 15 .667 - 534 354 94 102 .256 2.16
2 Chunichi 144 75 53 16 .586 10.5 423 405 70 59 .245 2.58
3 Yakult 144 68 65 11 .511 20 499 514 90 63 .260 3.35
4 Hiroshima 144 61 71 12 .462 26.5 427 454 76 79 .233 2.72
5 Hanshin 144 55 75 14 .423 31.5 411 438 58 65 .236 2.65
6 DeNA 144 46 85 13 .351 41 422 571 66 61 .233 3.76

Pacific League

1 Nippon Ham 144 74 59 11 .556 - 510 450 90 82 .256 2.89
2 Seibu 144 72 63 9 .533 3 516 518 78 94 .251 3.24
3 Softbank 144 67 65 12 .508 6.5 452 429 70 144 .252 2.56
4 Rakuten 144 67 67 10 .500 7.5 491 467 52 119 .252 2.99
5 Lotte 144 62 67 15 .481 10 499 502 64 64 .257 3.13
6 Orix 144 57 77 10 .425 17.5 443 525 73 49 .241 3.34

Last updated: 10/9 @ 9:59pm


1 Yomiuri 24 17 7 0 .708 94 58 22 17 .269 2.29
2 Nippon Ham 24 14 8 2 .636 80 70 13 7 .255 2.66
3 Lotte 24 12 7 5 .632 104 89 14 6 .271 3.15
4 Chunichi 24 12 8 4 .600 64 72 14 13 .232 2.67
5 Seibu 24 13 11 0 .542 94 76 19 17 .264 2.85
6 Hiroshima 24 10 11 3 .476 90 81 12 13 .242 2.97
7 Orix 24 10 13 1 .435 75 75 13 12 .223 2.93
8 Hanshin 24 9 12 3 .429 72 87 8 11 .243 3.31
9 Rakuten 24 10 14 0 .417 69 80 7 7 .227 3.01
10 DeNA 24 9 14 1 .391 70 83 11 18 .249 3.53
11 Softbank 24 8 13 3 .381 67 79 9 23 .230 2.90
12 Yakult 24 9 15 0 .375 79 108 14 8 .242 4.25

60 comments on “2012 Nippon Professional Baseball Regular Season FINAL

  1. Reece

    Hey all! I’ve been reading this blog for awhile and since there don’t seem to be any Chunichi fans besides me on here I thought I should start commenting.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see them start the season off pretty strong. They seem to have been working on their offensive ball since last season which is good.

    1. Gen Post author

      I don’t recall any Chunichi fans either (not that fan overlap is a bad thing).

      Welcome aboard!

  2. steve

    Hey Reece,
    You should become a Yokohama DeNA Baystars fan, they are going to be great this season…..

    1. IM

      Thanks! Haven’t been doing it too long, but haven’t really seen any other Chunichi-specific English stuff. Their official site is more Engish-friendly than most though

  3. N26

    lotte got off to a good start. my favorite cl teams are, well. hmmm. maybe yokohama then yakult. cant stand hanshin, yomiuri and chunichi.

  4. Joe

    I want to try luck too, any fan of Nippon Ham there?

    Although I do not follow so much CL, I also like Chunichi from there, toghther with Yomiuri, the only I can’t stand is DeNA.

    1. Steve


      Sentence structure class begins at 8:00 a.m. Assisted spoon fed lunches are available in the cafeteria.

    2. Joe

      Sorry, I’m not so good at English, I do what I can.
      However, I’m more respectful than other people, and maybe you need some manners class. See you in the cafeteria.

    3. EJH


      Nice response to rude Steve.

      Grammar errors from speakers of English as a second language do not bother me. Not everyone can be like Gen.

      I am a Ham fan, by the way.

    4. Gen Post author

      @Steve (Yokohama fan): Not everyone that posts here is a native English speaker. There are also some younger members of the audience that may not have a firm grasp on English grammar yet.

      We’re all yakyu or baseball fans here. That’s all that matters. Let’s all please be a little more understanding.

      @joe: Please do not take what Steve (Yokohama fan) wrote personally. I know how difficult (and daunting) it can be to communicate in a different language that is not your own. Please do not let his comment keep you from posting again in the future.

    5. Steve

      I think it’s awesome that non-native speakers want to talk baseball with us in English. I chat with a lot of non-native speakers on twitter and I try to reciprocate by talking in Japanese, too!

      I would sure hope they are patient with my poor Japanese (as they invariably are) and we should always be happy to talk baseball in any language!

    6. Joe

      Thanks for your understanding, everyone!

      @Gen: Don’t worry, I will continue commenting and sharing opinions, there is no problem about that ;)

  5. fighting ham

    Ha, DeNA Steve seems to get no love despite the constant mockery he receives from EJH. His unconditional support for such a horrible team should count for something.

    But more importantly, if your first name is ever popular Steve, please, for the love of humanity, use something different as your online.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Though my name is common I figure my avatar and (usually linked to) website make me unique – and I was until DeNA Steve came along. I should probably go by my full name or my normal online alias instead….

      OK – first and last it is.

  6. Steve


    I apologize, i will stop with the posts here. I just hope the DeNA Baystars have a decent season. Sorry again Joe, take care………

    1. Gen Post author

      No one is asking you not to post here. Your enthusiasm for the Bay Stars is quite amazing and there is nothing wrong with that.

      My only point is that this site gets visits from all over the world and not everyone is going to be a native English speaker. As such, we need to show a little understanding. I don’t think that is asking too much.

      Also, regarding EJH, for the record: it is true, he has been mocking you, but he does that with just about every Bay Stars/Yomiuri fan. I also didn’t think it bothered you, so I never made a big deal out of it. If it did, if it has, than I apologize for not stepping in.

      In the end, I just want to make this a place where anyone can feel comfortable posting comments. Not just the long-time “veterans,” but also the “rookies” as well.

      Also, one other note: I don’t always catch problem posts since I tend to focus on posting content. If anyone here feels threatened or offended by someone else’s comment, feel free to contact me directly at the e-mail address listed on the About Us page.

    2. Joe

      It’s a nice gesture of you to apologize and accept your mistake, I forgive you for that fact.
      But I don’t pretended you to stop posting, I just want you to know that talking with respect will give you much more enjoyable times and it will make you a better person. Why to be bad when you can get along?

      It’s good to see people who follow so staunchly a team , and although I don’t like DeNA, I respect they supporters along with the team, as they are no different to me or the other teams, so let’s share our love for japanese baseball.

      For my part, I will strive to write a good English.

  7. Reece

    On a side note, as much as I despise the Giants, is anyone else slightly disturbed by the fact that they are in dead last right now?

  8. DeNA Steve

    I will post from now on as DeNA Steve and watch the Baystars climb up the ladder……EJH mocking me, never bothered me, keep it up……

    1. EJH

      Glad to hear it, Steve. I shall continue to do my best. By the way, have the checked the scoreboard recently?

    2. DeNA Steve

      Yes EJH i have seen the scoreboard but it is still early in the season, Climb Baystars Climb……

  9. Mike DeJong

    You know guys, I agree that we shouldn’t pick on people for their grammar skills. God knows my Japanese is terrible. But let me say this: sometimes, Japanese people don’t TRY to pronounce things properly.

    Case in point: I’m watching the Masters today. It’s not Phil Mikelu-san. It’s Mickelson. How tough is that?

    I know when someone mis-pronounces a Japanese word, I try to correct them – such as tsunami or karaoke. But why don’t Japanese people TRY to pronounce English names properly, rather than revert to katakana pronunciations?

    From now on, I’m saying Neye-kon, instead of Nee-kon for Nikon!!

    1. N26

      Americans can´t pronounce IKEA properly. They say Ayekeeyah. But I really don´t care about Americans getting the pronunciation wrong. IKEA´s correct or the Swedish pronunciation is the same as the Japanese. イケヤ。 It´s just that people nationalize words. Get over it.

  10. Mitch

    The Dragons are my favorite Central League team, but I’m a Marines fan above all in the NPB. So there is some support.

  11. Carter

    Some early contenders for the MVP race (really early tbh) : Hayato Sakamoto, Shinnosuke Abe, Kenta Maeda.
    Nobuhiro Matsuda, Seiichi Uchikawa, Atsunori Inaba, T-Okada, Ryo Hijirisawa, Willy Mo Pena.

  12. ACE

    So there’s no giants fans here so imma be the first. We on a tear right now. Pitching is great and were getting those timely hits. Interleague champs???

    1. ACE

      Really now Steve? Who won today? Were the hottest team in Pro Yakyu haha. Interleague Champs

  13. Kohaku

    Any clues/numbers on the recent slide of Yakult? They started well, but they have almost been scoreless in recent games :(

    1. Gen Post author

      Well, it doesn’t help that their two main offensive weapons, Balentien and Hatakeyama, are not hitting well.

      After starting May with 6 homers in four games, Balentien has cooled considerably: 6-for-53 since May 6 and just one hit in his last thirty-six trips to the plate.

      Hatakeyama has done a little better than Balentien, but not by much. He’s 17-for-67 so far this month and still only has one home run in forty-four games played. Last year, he had ten homers through his first forty-four games.

      Milledge also has not been the force I think the team was hoping he’d be: he’s 16-for-76 so far this month with a slash line of .211/.268/.329.

    2. Steve Novosel

      Bad combination of awful batting and awful pitching. 55 runs allowed in 9 games! They were looking so strong until 2 weeks ago.

  14. Kohaku

    I hope they get over this soon…lineup changes such as bringing back veterans have made no difference

  15. Reece

    Dear Pacific League teams,

    Please beat the Giants so that Chunichi can take first place in the Inter-League standings.


    1. Steve Novosel

      We’ll be happy to beat them again in 10 days. Someone please feel free to beat the Fighters for us. I don’t mind losing interleague if we can win the Pa-League!

  16. Kiyora

    Hello~! I’m a new NPB fan.. (fighters actually is my team.) Why fighters are still in the 2nd in PL when they already overlapped Marines with the most game wins?.. Just asking, i’ll be happy to be entertained my confusions. :D THANKS A LOT.

    1. Steve Novosel

      Hi Kiyora, it’s based on win percentage, not just wins. The Fighters have won two more but they have also played 3 more games and lost 5 more, so their win percentage is lower now.

    2. Kiyora

      oh! so my fighters should keep on winning so they can be on top!! :) But fighters can’t do it when Yuki Saito was in his sophomore slump..

    3. Steve Novosel

      Saitoh’s only your 4th best pitcher this year anyway – I think the Fighters have plenty of pitching and offense to be competitive all year no matter what Saitoh does!

    4. Kiyora

      You are right, i didn’t mean to bring up Saitoh. But it seems like each time he starts a game it keeps on losing, his last win was last June 6… (I love the marines fight song). Thanks anyway for answering my question.

    1. IM

      Don’t follow the PL as much
      Who are the real contenders there?
      Who will make the playoffs?
      In the CL, unless Chunichi can win the regular season and get home field for the playoffs, I don’t think anyone can take down Yomiuri, they are really clicking now, unfortunately.

    2. Steve Novosel

      It’s honestly wide open in the PL with the exception of Orix. I think the 3 Climax spots will come down to Lotte, Nippon Ham, Seibu, and Rakuten. I think Seibu will be on the outside as their bullpen is just too dodgy this year. I don’t see Softbank in the A class this year.

      If the Lotte pitching staff holds up and the bats keep working we will surely be 1st or 2nd. The Fighters are loaded, though, and Rakuten’s got some very good players. Their biggest flaw is Hoshino, though – that guy is going to destroy his players’ confidence.

    3. IM

      Interesting, my impression was that Rakuten didn’t have the talent to hang in until the end, but again I don’t know them that well. Adding Harper should help them some.

  17. Ryo

    Man I got away for some time knowing Hanshin were in a slump then watch as Yomiuri find their way and dominate, they lost sooo many games in the beginning I thought they’d be tied with Yokohama for last place xD Yomiuri really are the Yankees of Japan, sadly same with Hanshin and the BoSox *terrible*

  18. Tsuna

    Yeah! Chunichi Dragon fan here~ I wish there was some way for me to be more connected with them though.. I’m from America so I cant exactly watch the games. Blah,

    1. IM

      Depends on where you’re at, I’m on the west coast, so weekend day games in Japan start at 10 PM pacific. Not bad at all.
      For playoff games I can usually find a replay.

    1. Ken

      Hello, not sad! Giants did a lot of work in the off-season and secured two pitchers from 2011 Nissan Series champions Fukuoka… they put a good team together and I hope they can continue to roll all the way through the Asia Series!

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