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Yu Darvish News and Notes: April 1, 2012

by on Apr.01, 2012 @ 3:36 pm, under MLB

The Texas Rangers announced that Yu Darvish will be making his debut on April 9 against the Seattle Mariners.  Sponichi mentions that the team sold about 5,000 tickets for April 9 during a twenty-four hour period after the team made the announcement.


Sanspo and Nikkan Sports have posted Q&A's with Darvish, like taken from his press conference.

First, Sanspo:

Thoughts on recording eleven strikeouts.

[Mike] Napoli did a good job calling the game.  I felt comfortable on the mound.

Thoughts on the Colorado Rockies' offense.

Joe told me that clean-up hitter [Troy] Tulowitzki was a great player.  I knew nothing about the other player.  It may have been good that I did not know they had a good offense.

All six hits your surrendered were to left-handed batters.

That is the first I have heard about that.  But in terms of addressing that, it is just a matter of improving my control.  That must also mean I am throwing well against right-handed batters.

How are you using your two curves?

I use the slow curve early in the count and then the fast curve to finish batters off.  I can do the reverse too.  I have confidence [in the pitches].

What are some things you need to work on?

I still need to work on how I pitch in certain circumstances.  I want to perform at the highest level possible.

This was your last outing in Arizona.

Everyone on the team has been great and I have had a good time preparing myself for the season.  I feel I am pitching relatively well, considering it is still early.

On the pitch that hit Michael Cuddyer in the 6th inning.

It was a two-seamer.  It is not like I was trying to hit him.

And Nikkan Sports:

On your start.

I feel things are starting to come together.  I am throwing more good pitches.  Things are improving little by little.

You were elevating your fastball early on.

I was throwing a lot of four-seamers early on.  Partway through, I spoke to Napoli and decided to switch over to the two-seamer.  The [Rockies] did not look comfortable against the two-seamer.  That is when things started to settle down.

On striking out eleven batters.

Napoli really did a good job calling the game and it made me feel comfortable on the mound.  I think that, in turn, helped with the strikeouts.

Jason Giambi hit your fastball for a home run.

I fell behind in the count with the batter before him and gave up a double...  I think I fell behind on Giambi, 2-0?  That left me with just the four-seamer and he hit a pitch that was hittable.  It was an honor that it was such a great player.  It was my first home run allowed...

How do you grade your spring?

My body has changed since last year and this year I am still not quite sure what it means to be at 100%, so I can not really grade myself.  I do think things are getting better.