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Family of Aomori Yamada High School baseball player files eighty-seven million yen lawsuit

by on Apr.09, 2012 @ 8:37 pm, under High School

The family of the Aomori Yamada High School baseball player that died in December after being hit by another member of the team filed an eighty-seven million yen lawsuit against the other member of the team, his parents, and the operators of the high school, Aomori Yamada Gakuen, with the Osaka district court today.

While the actual cause of death for the baseball player has not been identified, the family is claiming that the actions of the other student was the underlying cause of their son's death.  They are also claiming that the school was not properly prepared to handle emergency situations: the teacher that was supposed to be on watch was not present and there were no AED devices in the vicinity.

The lawyer for the family told reporters that the lawsuit was filed because the family does not want to see something like this happen again and because they want more establishments to become better prepared for medical emergencies.

Aomori Yamada Gakuen responded by saying that they were checking on the details of the lawsuit and that they already started going over dorm rules and regulations.

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